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Set custom URLs for your content

Earlier this month, we announced the ability to customize the URL of a Page on your Ning Network. Later today, we're bringing that same functionality to other types of content, like photos and discussions.

As before, URLs will be automatically based on the title you give to the content you've added. But now, Network Creators and administrators will be able to customize the URL to display the text of their choice.

In addition to Pages and Groups, which already have the ability to define custom URLs, Network Creators and administrators can now customize the URLs for all types of content members can add, specifically:

  • Discussions
  • Group discussions
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blog posts

This change should allow Network Creators and administrators to improve their search engine optimization by tailoring URLs after specific keywords or sets of keywords.

Custom URLs will also mean a better user experience for your members. Previously, every time a title was changed on a piece of content, the URL changed with it, meaning that old links no longer worked. Now, after content has been added and the URL has been set for the first time, URLs will no longer change automatically when the title is changed or tweaked. The old URL will be preserved unless it is changed manually.

After collecting feedback from Network Creators, we decided that access to this functionality should be limited to Network Creators and administrators, to avoid any misuse by members.

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  • OK - I will admit it up front, I don't know what I am doing.  But I don't want to give up my NING page and I need a bit of help.

    you are talking about customizing the URLs.  What does that mean for the network individually.  Do we no longer use "ning".com as the place to locate our front page?   I would love for my URL to be:  Is that possible???  I am a babe in the midst of wolves my people.  Let me also tell you I am normally not this dense.  I just have open-heart surgery to have a by-pass done and something has happened to me memory.  Can someone taking this poor aging grandmother's hand and explain what I need to do to change the "site" or main pages.


    Sharon Hightower

    Artisans/Jewelry designers Community

    • Sharon - to change the address for the whole network you need to use your own "domain". Your domain is the first bit until the ".com". So your domain is currently "". There's some info on that here:

      This discussion is about a new option to change the bit after the domain for certain pages. So instead of "htt p:/ / m/forum/topics/what-inspires-your-designs" you could choose "ht tp:// m/ forum/topics/inspiration" Add me as a friend if you need more info, or search the Help Center.


    • It doesn't mean anything for the network as a whole. It means something for individual pieces of content posted on the network. Like this discussion. I could change the URL of this discussion from:


      By changing what's in the "URL" field.

      Ning Product Manager

  • Hi even,


    It ouwl dbe great if the directory names like blogs and event could also be changed by the NC. Since are visitors are dutch they do not look for events. And because our network is a network about HR it would be great if the blog url could be: will have a huge impact on our SEO.


    Do you see this on your roadmap?



    • This is something we weren't able to get into the recent round of changes, but it's one that we have filed as an improvement. So, we're planning on that. 

  • Hey all!

    I'm happy to announce that, as Phil just posted (, we've launched support for longer URLs for your Ning Networks. For most types of content, you'll now be able to use URLs up to 65 characters long! Check out his post for more info.

    Ning Product Manager

    • Great!! Any news on preventing Admins from deleting features/content... (I know it's O/T, but it's so important!)

    • And check out Phil's URL in that discussion. Pretty funny stuff. 

  • Thanks Evan.


    I would love to see shorter urls in general within the network. for example like it is for ning main pages, I would love the same for other features like members profile and pages. Of course there is the need of a smarter way to avoid or block certain keywords from being "registered" like the /members extension. This would actually make the permalinks very friendly.


    And one more very important thing is url friendly network and member archives. What is a members video archive page? now its something that look like this horrible? Instead that could be



    or a not so bad case would be the blog page .. ? wouldn't be better be just /blog ? A lot on this to be discussed


    Any plans for any improvements on this?

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