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Upcoming Ning Releases and Roadmap

We’ve been making a lot of progress behind the scenes developing several important new features for Ning 3.0, and feel like this is a good time to give you an update on these upcoming features, as well as highlight several recent releases in case you missed them. We’ve also refreshed the Ning 3.0 roadmap.

Groups 3.0

Groups in Ning 3.0 is a completely redesigned, super-charged version of Ning 2.0 Groups. We’ve tried to incorporate all of the feedback you’ve given us over the past several years. For example, in Ning 3.0 group creators will be able to add blogs, forums, photos, and custom pages to their group (aka super groups). They will be able to customize the design and layout of their group – even customize what group members are called (e.g., bird watchers). Members can be automatically signed-up for a Group based on profile questions or manually via the Members Management page.  And we've done away with the concept of Group ownership to allow for improved management and control by Network Creators.

Groups 3.0 development is nearing completion and we plan to invite NCs with Ning 3.0 Networks to participate in a beta later this month (July). If you’d like to participate in the beta, please join the Groups Beta Testers group on Creators. If all goes well, we’ll incorporate your feedback, complete development of a few additional features, and fully release Groups in Ning 3.0 in August.

APIs 3.0

If you’ve experimented with or built mobile or web applications using the Ning 2.0 APIs (Application Programming Interface), you are going to be very pleased with the Ning 3.0 APIs. We plan to release full read/write/edit APIs for all current features in Ning 3.0 in August, and then add an API for Groups in September. Most exciting: for the first time, NCs will be able to add new members through a read/write member API!

WordPress Import

NCs will be able to import a WordPress blog to a Ning 3.0 Network starting in late July. With a redesigned blog, multiple blog instances, and blog categories, NCs no longer have a compelling reason to maintain and pay for both a Ning Network and a WordPress blog. WordPress import will make consolidation a cinch.

Ning 2.0 to 3.0 Upgrade Process

Our back-end engineering team has been hard at work developing the infrastructure to import content and members from a Ning 2.0 Network to a Ning 3.0 Network. Interested NCs should be able to upgrade their Ning 2.0 Networks in a process closely managed by Ning in September. Note: it will not be possible to transfer a network subdomain at the time of this initial release (see this comment for further explanation).

The Rear-View Mirror (Recent Releases)

Clarification of the initial Ning 2.0 to 3.0 Import Process

Development of a seamless import process is complex and involves building multiple tools.  We know many NCs are eager to import their Ning 2.0 Networks to Ning 3.0, so we wanted to release an import process as soon as possible.  This initial process will be most suited for NCs using custom domains.  We will not be able to transfer subdomains yet from a Ning 2.0 Network to a Ning 3.0 Network.  We hope to develop this capability late this year.  It’s quite complex, so we aren’t able to set a release date yet.

What does this mean?  In the initial import process, an NC with a Ning 2.0 Network will first create a new Ning 3.0 Network (they can use the Sandbox Network they’re already experimenting with).  Because two networks can’t share the same Ning subdomain (, this new Ning 3.0 Network will have a different subdomain.  The NC will customize the design and layout of their new Ning 3.0 Network.  When they are ready, they will contact Ning Advocacy and we will assist them with importing all members and content from their Ning 2.0 Network to their new Ning 3.0 Network.  During this process, the Ning 2.0 Network will be unaffected – members will continue to post and comment.  When all members and content have been imported to the new Ning 3.0 Network, the NC will simply change the DNS settings for their custom domain and map it to their new Ning 3.0 Network.  Members will then start seeing the new network, including their profile and all of their content – and they can continue posting and commenting where they left off.

We eventually plan to release an import process that is more seamless.  We envision an NC will be able to choose “standard” import.  After they customize the design and layout of their new Ning 3.0 Network, they will simply push a button and Ning will automatically import all members and content to the new network and switch the subdomain from their Ning 2.0 Network.

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  • Hi John!   Any new developments or updates since you wrote this last summer in 2013 ?  

  • Any word on 1) events, 2) a way for members to send private messages and 3) a way for members to see who else is online. (like Facebook) ?

  • Can I please get an update as to when this migration tool will be available. Sandbox is fine and dandy but I need to move my content over already and not loose my backlinks. Anything on this?

    • No definite date has been set as yet. The beta release of the migration tool is tentatively set for the end of this month, full migration tool is scheduled for sometime in October. 

  • 2 questions

    im getting the impression tht the 1st  release of the migration tools will be a ning adssisted migration/ if so when will this be available

    and secondly i was under the impression that messaging would be bundled with the grpups

    is that  only with the final non beta version of groups or was the messaging not yet ready for beta release with beta groups

  • I am somewhat confused. I was under the impression we could upgrade to ning 3 seamlessly 'late summer' now it seems this is not the case? My network does not have a custom domain, it is on ( so can we have an idea of when this can be done? I have been preparing members for some disruption 'late summer' I just need to know what to prepare.

    • Hi Roy, We will be releasing the migration tools in September, but it will not be possible to map subdomain names until later this year, as this is one of the most technically challenging development aspects of the migration toolset. 

      • Ok So if I get a domain mapped (I have one to use) it could be done? But would users still be able to go to the they are familiar with? I was under the impression you could have a .com or .net and still use the If not possible on ning 3 I have a problem.

        • Hi Roy, if you're able to wait until a system is in place to manage subdomain transfers, this won't be an issue -- your members could visit either the, which would be transferred along with all the content of your site, or the .com/.biz/.net/.whatever version. 

          • Oh Sorry missed your reply Alison! Ok that is what I will do, thanks!

This reply was deleted.

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