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A few weeks ago, we announced a project to make the Main Page of your Ning Networks more interactive and engaging. I'd like to share our progress with you.

Here's a screenshot of the new Activity Feed in action, along with a Main Page status box:

There several things I'd like to highlight here:

  • Members can post a Status from the Main Page. If you uncheck "Status updates" in the Latest Activity controls, this box will disappear.
  • Activity Items have a new, cleaner UI that makes it easier for members to interact with content in the feed.
  • Videos are playable inline, and photo thumbnails are larger.
  • When you click "Continue" on a blog post, the post expands inline.

See how this Ning Network looks in comparison for a clear picture of the improvements.

We're going to release this new and improved Activity Feed on a select number of Ning Networks very soon, and gather feedback and data on how people are using it. We're also going to release it here on Creators, so you can get a feel for it from a member's perspective.

In the meantime, we're also working on these additional features:

  • Ability to like & comment inline on the Activity Feed
  • Ability to like & comment on statuses.

Screenshots and more details on those features to come.

I'd also like to call out that when we release the Activity Feed improvements to the Ning Platform, they will take effect on all Ning Networks. We'll be posting more details in the coming weeks to ensure that you're equipped with everything you need to take advantage of these new features and communicate them to your members.

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  •  Hi, I'm a new nc and just looking for like and comment functions for the feed. How is it possible? Thanks

  • Thanks, everyone, for your continued feedback about the Activity Feed. I wanted to let you know that this is getting close to being available. Look for the updated Activity Feed to go live for everyone next week.

    This week, we're letting in Network Creators who want early access. You'll find the sign-up form here.

    I'm going to close this discussion since it's gotten a bit long and unwieldy. 


  • I think chat in main page not chat room is a very good idea. But NING have to make sure it's real time updated.
  • Any updates this week Eric? More beta invites? I want to pull the trigger on releasing my new theme for my members but it all hinges on this release. :)
    • Hey, M. Check out my response from 9 hours ago, two replies up.
      • Thanks Eric! :]
  • I am not seeing the continue button on blog post letting it continue inline. Is this updated yet or still being worked on?
    • Hey, Brad. That's not quite ready, but we'll be posting on Creators with a new update this week (possibly tomorrow).
  • How about auto refresh the latest activity? Then I don't need to refresh the whole main page all the time.
    • best idea ive heard in a long long time!!

      yesss i totaly agree 1000000000%


      maybe while were at it give us the option for the forums section on the main page to auto refresh too


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