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Updates to Aviary

Just a quick note to let you know that this afternoon we made a small update to the Aviary Extension. Now Network Creators and administrators have the option of using Aviary to edit member's profile photos. Administrators will only have this ability if you've selected to let them edit member content. We're sure you'll think of plenty of creative uses for this, including being able to fix badly cropped member profile photos.

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  • have been trying to save edited profile photos of members, but not working. Not even my own profile. any clues?

  • When using Aviary, does it now save the file you are working on permanently? I used to have Aviary enabled, but nothing actually saved when you edited a photo already uploaded. Does Aviary now actually edit and save photos that have already been uploaded? If so, I'll likely turn it back on!

  • Wouldn't be nice if we able to add our logo so we can watermark member photos with our custom logo...

  • All

    I have just added Aviary to my Ning site ( and have to say I'm a bit disappointed. It looks very childish and looks like something you can add silly hats and beards to, to make your own face look silly. The styling could do with being made a bit more professional as well as the functions. I just wanted to brighten an image - where's that function.

    am I an old sour-face or does anyone else think the same

    Andy (The Fat Controller on www,

    • It would be nice to have a "professional" and a "fun" option. Stickers are no use to my members, and it does have a "toy" kind of feel to it. I'm sure that works for many networks, but there are many professional / business type networks where we could definitely use something a little more serious... Even just a re-ordering of the icons to put the silly stuff on the second page, and maybe pulling the basic colours from the network. Probably more complicated than it sounds...

      • Chris and Andy, you both make a valid point. It has that teenage Myspace feel to it, like Bling Cheese or something. Doubtful it will ever change as anything of that sort would have to be worked out on Aviary's end. 



  • Great!

  • Great tool, but as someone said, pic is much too pixally after editing.  I won't change member's photos after seeing what it did to mine.   Hopefully Aviary is working on that.

    • this might have to do with using scaling and the original ize of the image.


      Phil, what version of the image does aviary pull from Ning? the size uncropped at profile image size, the original image (smallor or bigger? It seems to have a size limit, then its executing its working file based on an inferior copy from the ?width API.

  • I have a question it seems when I edit a members profile picture with Aviary then save it the picture changes on the users profile but once you refresh it changes right back .. am I doing something wrong?

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