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San Francisco, CA


July 13

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I'm a motion graphic designer and video editor as my day job, but have been doing Ning sites as a hobby/side business for over 3 years now. Before using Ning, I had experience hacking wordpress themes and building simple sites by hand. I have started many Ning sites, but 2 are really thriving enough that they will probably survive the cut:

House of Wingz is a dating site focused on east/west relationships. The primary user activity is a chat room that actually predates our migration onto the Ning platform. Our users are incredibly loyal as you can see from our google analytics: • Absolute unique visitors/mo: 11,424 • Page Views / mo: 230,000 • Visits / day: 885 • Returning Visits / day : 570 Monthly Donations: $450

FlipStarz is a content driven site that focuses on YouTube embeds and a custom streaming channel browser. Our mission is to present the pop culture and music of the Philippines to an international and domestic audience.


  • W3Schools: A great reference for HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript syntax
  • Dreamhost: I've been posting a lot of examples of things you can do if you have a server off of Ning where you can host javascript, HTML, PHP, etc. Dreamhost actually does a lot more than that - it offers automated installs of Wordpress and Drupal, FLV encoding, Email servers, and ftp/shell access. its around $9 a month for unlimited bandwidth and storage, and includes a perpetually free yearly domain registration.

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  • wassup J - long time no see. Hope you're doing good fella :)

  • Jon, I want to apologize for acting a bit sillyon your Forum Discussionwith my adopted, internet son, Marshall.It won't happen again.~ ~ Cautious ~ ~
  • Hi Jon,

    Reggarding that old analytics problemm reporting 3x more than the correct, it suddenly start to play fine on november the 4th, now it's working just fine!


  • Hi Jon,

    This seems to be a Userplane modification. We will look into it.
  • Awesome, thanks:) I'll check some out:)
  • Cool! Did you make that? I love the music:)
  • Hey would love your input here...
  • NC for Hire
    You are so full of knowledge and good ideas. Just wanted to pass those words of praise your way. ;-)
  • Yes, my analytics stuff messed up to. Totally went flat line for a few days or so.
  • nope, not at all. I didnt install any other jscript. and my network is private. only the first page can be viewed by public.

    this is a bummer. T T
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