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January 1

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  • NC for Hire
    I can provide the addon name, link and summary. Otherwise, you need to play with it, and learn how to use it.

    FireFox extension/add-on called: Web Developer 1.1.8

    Once addon is installed, I click on CSS icon, and click on sub-menu item "edit CSS". This allows me to change any CSS in runtime environment, as long as the special "edit CSS" box is still open.

    Have fun,
  • NC for Hire
    I'm with Travis. I do hope you didn't remove that type of Discussion that contained code that could help many people - - especially with all the questions you ask.
  • NC for Hire
    First, you do realize we were using this to fix a big boo-boo, right?

    To answer your questions:

    How did u ?
    u mean Firebug add on for ff ? Yes, I should have added "FireBug Add-On"
    where is CSS/Edit CSS where is theme_xxxxx.css ?
    CSS/Edit CSS is part of the main Web Developer Add-On. Once you see that option, you would see the main "theme.css". It has a different and unique # for each Ning website.

  • Did you remove the forum thread where I was helping you with the video/music issue?
  • what is your ning network name?!
  • Hi Yasi, did you try the Meebo solution we have in place? That one might work for your country
  • Hey Yasi, if you require direct support please the Help Center. We don't want to turn Creators into a place where Ning provides 1:1 support. Thanks!
  • Yasi, just FYI, regarding your blendapps chatrom, I think the entire Userplane domain is blocked in Iran. You can test that by going to and seeing if any chat rooms there work for you.

    Im not working for blendapps or userplane, but im a longtime chat administrator...How it works is when a person launches the chat in your site, the code contacts blendapps, which is running on google servers. The application on googles servers takes your user info and icon and opens a browser window on your computer displaying the "room" running on userplanes servers. If any one piece in the chain (your site- blendapps - google - userplane) is blocked in Iran, the chat wont work properly.

    Good luck making it work or finding another solution. If you need help, I found a few others that might work.
  • Hey Yasi!

    For direct assistance, please contact the Ning Help Center. Or pose a question to the network.

    Ning Product Manager
  • 22bah3.jpg?crop=1%3A1&width=171

    Persian Ning Network Creators
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