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Germantown, MD


March 2

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  • Are you on Facebook or something? I would like to keep in touch with you:) You've been a friendly face to talk to:)
  • She just replied... She said "Maybe but it'd be way back". So that was helpful lol.
  • I actually found one of my ex-husband's second cousins online lol. I just sent her a text message, we'll see what her reply is:)
  • I'm not sure... I'll have to check with my mother-in-law. I'll tell you that they don't know a lot of their family history, I think it will end with her parents unless I can get access to her aunts and uncles (who came down her for her mother's funeral but I have never seen before or since). I'm the genealogist here but I'll admit I haven't pushed to learn much:( Nathan's grandfather's name was Bennard Leroy McCrary but that's about all I know.
  • We tend to watch ours a bit behind... It takes a bit for it to get on Hulu, and it takes a bit to get Nathan here to actually watch it:) The one currently waiting to be watched is from Valentine's Day:) That's pretty cool:) I don't usually pay attention to where they are, except if they are in OK:)
  • Jerry you aren't going to believe it but we had TWO EM:HE episodes filmed in my state this month:) One in Tulsa, OK, where I grew up. The other was within an hour of my house, but it's unclear what town exactly. I know they used a Norman builder... Norman is about 1 hour from my house. Can't wait to see them:)
  • Oops I didn't see your comment because it was on here:( That's funny, hubby's mom is named Donna:) Why don't you like HK? Hubby loves House, me not so much. Don't know why, just doesn't appeal to me. I loved ER but don't like Grey's Anatomy or House. Hubby is off tomorrow so we can watch it then, don't tell me... I'll be back lol. BTW I wrote a blog about one of the EM:HE shows:) You can find it here.
  • Sounds like me and Donna. We definitely don't watch without the other. Love Kitchen Nightmares (used to own a resturant) but don't like Hells Kitchen. Or other favs are 24, Target, Fringe, House and a few others. We usually record and watch later so we can zip through the commercials :)
  • Oh haven't seen it yet, I'll have to check my Hulu Queue:) Can't watch it without hubby lol. That, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Supernanny and the Simpsons are the ones we HAVE to watch together:)
  • I do love Extreme Makeover:) Are you talking about Irock? I watch them all on Hulu so I really don't know which one is which lol. But I think all of them are inspiring:) I contacted Irock to see about helping them, but I haven't heard back yet.
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