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Events play an essential role in the growth and development of communities. They unite audiences and create the foundation for stronger, lasting relationships. Events can make communities more fun and provide a cause for constant activity. They give members a reason to visit more frequently and provide motivation for lurkers to participate.

In this presentation, FeverBee community consultant Breda Doherty will cover the essential characteristics of successful online and offline events. She will also review the different event hosting options available and discuss how these can be linked with recruitment, content and moderation activities.



Tuesday, June 4th at 9am PDT


(Find out when this webinar takes place in your time zone.)


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the different types of online and offline events
  • Determine which types of events are best suited to your community
  • Learn the essential characteristics of successful events
  • Discover new options for hosting events
  • Find out how to use events for recruiting and content
  • Come with questions and personal experiences, we'll spend a good deal of the time relating these lessons directly back to you and your communities!



Breda Doherty is co-founder and director of, a global event community, and a community management consultant at FeverBee. She's a lover of festivals and writes about must hear music over on the Dead Sound blog. We've enlisted Breda to share community management best practices to help Ning Creators (and anyone else) refine their approach and cultivate thriving communities. Tune in to hear her upcoming Community Management Talk on Tuesday, June 4th at 9am PDT. We hope you'll join us!

A recording of this presentation will be available on the Ning Community Management Talks channel, and you can follow the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #NingTalk.

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  • and damn i see this a day too late

  • NC for Hire

    im in

  • Allison - I am 100% onboard with the statement that "Events play an essential role in the growth and development of communities".

    My network is heavy on Events. And it has seen huge spikes in membership by having the option to Like an Event on Facebook.

    I am looking forward to this webinar, but would like to point out that allowing members to Like an Event on Facebook from any network is the essential part of that "growth".

    Currently, this feature is all sorts of busted up and needs immediate attention - please! 

    • So glad you'll be joining us, Mark, and thanks for pointing this out. We have a bug filed with Facebook regarding this issue with its social plugin. Hoping that they can prioritize it, as it is an important feature for many networks.

  • Signed up! =)

    • Yay! It's gonna be a great time. :)

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