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Welcome Landing Page Builder

Hello everyone!

Recently we have promised you to make a big announcement related to the new feature release. While it is still in beta, we can not keep silence anymore. The feature we wish to unveil is the result of collaborative work of the whole team. And needless to say that it’s one of the hugest updates we have announced here on creators. It was really hard to keep calm and not to mention anything regarding this new functionality during the communication with you for the last 6 months in order to make this surprise possible.

Long story short, let us introduce you Landing Page Builder (LPB). This is a new drag and drop page builder which gives you the possibility to create a page for your network in the fast and easy way. Builder itself is allowing you to change the web page without looking at some abstract modules and columns, it’s closer to the work of the sculptor, who is able to touch the stone he is working with. The only one difference, the sculptor doesn’t have a user-friendly interface. And of course, how could we leave pro users aside - with the LPB you get the full control over the HTML code, CSS and js code of the network. And by saying “full control”l we mean completely full, plus integrated code checker will be helping you to police typos in an easy and convenient way.

We can talk about the LPB for ages since it’s the milestone in the history of Ning, but it's better to try it out. Just follow these simple instructions to get started:

  1. Go to your network admin panel and select Site & Pages in the sidebar;
  2. Click “Add a landing page” in the main navigation menu;
  3. Enter the landing page title and tab title in the corresponding text fields;
  4. Define the URL for your new landing page;
  5. Click “Save”.

That’s it - your landing page is now created! For more information and recommendations visit our Help Center: click here

Please keep in mind that it’s still beta of the LPB which is showing the direction we are going to move design studio on. That’s why your feedback is extremely important for us, so don’t hesitate to share any ideas here on creators or with any of our support agents.

Hope you would be excited with it like we are.   

Sincerely yours,

The Ning Team.

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  • It would be very helpful to provide a video showing how to create the page and explaining the benefits of having such a page.

    • Hello, Alex!


      Thank you for the request. I think this is a great idea.

      I reported this query to the Developers Team and they will check what we can do with this.


      Best regards,

      The Ning Team

  • Hello,

    I have started building a landing page recently, and it all seems to work well.

    However, an error message regularly pops up on the page, making me wonder if any of the changes I have made have been saved.

    The error appear when scrolling through the page in Preview mode. The error message is this:

    Previously when I have clicked the 'Save & Close' button the changes I have made (quite a few!) have been lost. How do I avoid this happening again?

    Many thanks for any help or guidance.


    • Hello, Gillian!

      We tested your landing page in the Preview Mode and couldn't reproduce the issue.

      Please, specify whether you received this error in the Preview or Design Mode.

      Best regards,

      The Ning Team

      • Hi Anna,

        Thank you for your reply and repoduction efforts. The error comes up on Preview screen.

        I am using Chrome v6. I am concerned that the page has not saved correctly and I've tried opening it again and I get the standard template with none of my changes.

        Thanks for your help.


        • Hello, Gillian!

          Please, check the inbox.

          I sent you the reply via private message due to the screencast attached to it.

          Best regards,

          The Ning Team

          • I would like to join Gillians complaint by adding this observation. What is going on is the Auto save is too quick after we type code in.

            it seems if you pause for less than 1 sec while writing code the cursor knocks you up to line 5 and the auto save kicks in. By the time your keyboard has input the rest of what you have typed you have destroyed your Title of page and the message pops up.

            I am suggesting that you relax the autosave and cursur jumping to 9 secs after someone types in code.

            This will satisfy the pace of some of us who do not code everyday and will allow us to stop breaking other code that is not where our cursor is.

            • Hello,

              Thank you for the feedback you provided us with. This error is common for the Design Mode if you are typing the codes with the Autodeploy function. 

              Please, deactivate this option and you will be able to type codes properly. 


              Best regards,

              The Ning Team

  • Hi there,

    We need to be able to capture Whatsapp number as well. How can I add a fild for it?



    • Hello!

      We do not have such preset yet, thank you for the idea! I will pass your feedback to our product team and I hope we will be able to add such feature soon. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

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