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Hi creators!

A new week and new interesting materials that were published recently. Read them today or save for weekends :)

1) new discussions in NING Business Club and Monetization with NING groups;
2) instruction "How to make a successful Youtube channel in 8 steps"; 
3) Community Story with Cedric Collier, The Dusk Spot.

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  • We need more focus on the overall site, not just the creator's room.

    • Hi there!

      Overall at this very moment, we are working on the update of the storage and replacing the existing system with the new one in order to make sure that everything would be uploaded/downloaded properly, that the file would be removed in 100% cases when the parent element has been deleted to prevent any inconveniences caused by this and of course make sure that the files are available all the time without stacking somewhere on the halfway.

      Also, we do continue to work on the paid access feature. The last quarter some huge updates has been released - like repeats, retry system, also the process to add the new payment methods has been simplified and partially automated. In addition, paywall right now could be attached to the forum posts and some other small updates were made based on the feedback provided by the NC who has paid access activated. As the feature is developing and the most important updates were made already we are glad to welcome everyone who still has some doubts to try it out especially when there are no monthly charges for the use of this functionality.

      Also, we are on the finish line with the migration script, however, this information is useful only for the owners of 2.0 networks.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.












    Sounds like Blah Blah Blah



  • This reply was deleted.
    • You know what Ning needs? Separate teams working together simultaneously. That's how it was back when Gina was in charge.

      • Hi, Elshara! Thank you for your reaching out! For sure, we do our best to improve our management inside of team. Maybe, we don`t go that way that Gina used - because each person has its own vision of growing business - but we do everything to become better for you.

    • Hi there! Our programmers work systematically with bugs, reported by our users, and try to fix them as soon as possible. However, Ning platform has always been about communication - that`s why we think updates concerning sharing interesting information for growing networks, exchange of best practices, interaction between creators in a comfortable place, are our another one important vector of growth.

      • This reply was deleted.
        • Hi there! Yes, it was before us, and many users still feel frustrated about this fact - that`s why we try to change this situation, and improve this side of our Ning life.

        • When one hand knows what the other is doing...we all get along.

  • Still humbled by the story!

    Community Story with Cedric Collier, The Dusk Spot
    Community Story with Cedric Collier, The Dusk Spot
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