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What’s new on NING?

The new year is approaching, and we are busy working on new updates to make sure that NING enters 2020 with as many new features as possible. This time, we have three awesome updates for you. Here’s a brief overview of each.


1. ‘Add content’ button


You can now fit any of your content blocks with a button that allows users to start contributing new content right away. This makes the process much easier than before, which is supposed to encourage your network members to share their content with the community more often.


However, if you want to disable this feature, simply go to Social Site Manager > Site & Pages in your control panel and tick the “Hide 'Add Content' button” checkbox.



2. Advanced search by headings and content


You and your network members can now save time when searching for the required content on NING websites. Simply enter a keyword or key phrase in the search bar, and get the results instantaneously (given that your query matches any existing headings or content).

The feature can be effectively used to search for various types of content, including blog posts, articles, forum discussions, videos and events.



3. NING custom email address


The feature that many Network Creators were looking forward to is now live. You can create a custom email address based on your NING domain name. 

Once you purchase it, you get an option to set up a custom email address based on this domain name using any mailing service (like G Suite, for example). To do it, go to Social Site Manager > Domain Mapping in your control panel and configure MX records according to the guidelines provided by your email service.


We hope you like the new features! More updates are on the way, including:

Flexible adjustment of administrative roles;
Displaying friends’ activities in the Activity Feed;
Possibility to follow network members.

Stay tuned!

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          • Hello!

            "Add content" button was released, I believe, last Tuesday. It is displayed on the Photos and Forum modules in the tab container -

            Groups and Social Channels modules do not have such button. 

            Best regards,

            The NING Team

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        • NC for Hire

          Yes.... i don't see the search features enabled for my site.. it shows on Videos but not photos, forums, groups (mine are renamed Hubs), etc

          Is there something i am missing?

          • Hi!

            Could you please tell me what are you searching for and links to the content that does not appear in the search? 

            Best regards,

            The NING Team


            • NC for Hire

              I changed my Groups to "hubs"  will this make a difference in getting a search bar for my groups?  

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