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this group is for both experienced coders who love coding for 3.0, as well as those who are struggling to transition to 3.0 or finding the idea of starting over from scratch a insurmountable hassle.

we are here to help ease the transition, with code sharing and hands on assistance.

we will also strive to help you feel more comfortable working on your site yourself.

whenever possible we will attempt to guide you through the process of figuring it out yourself instead of simple copy and paste code sharing.

we simply want to make the transition an easier happier experience for all.

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    esta rede que esta problema que desapareseu pagina de membros todas..
  • help, I need help, my profile page disappeared
    Posted by Jesus Silva on February 13, 2015 at 2:49pm in Ning 3 Community Support
    Can anyone tell me if the ning 3 is possible to do a restore standard?

    The profile page has disappeared ...

    By clicking on the profile page appears it. This is true for all members
  • I thought this group would actually be helpful...ha!
  • All I want is a simple way to copy 2 to 3 so I can go back to making things and simply posting and entering things into where they go on the site. basic siimple this what is in 2 with this button it is now moved to 3  where is the button

  • Does anynone knwo how I could get the "comments" in a discussion in the same format as they appeared in Ning 2.0?    I believe I have tried all the combinations (flat, threaded, etc.), but I cannot obtain the possibility to respond to a precise comment and to obtain the text I am commenting upon after the old :

            Joe Doe wrote :

  • Mystic personally I think it would be prudent for larger networks to wait and let some smaller networks be the guinea pigs and go first.  Let them detect any bugs and then larger sites will feel more comfortable moving with Phase 2 or 3.when it's a smoother process.  Just my .02 cents.  Have a great weekend!

  • yes you can use a .com mines

    no sites have transitioned yet cause the transition tools arent done yet

    membership size shouldnt matter 1 bit in the transition except in the plan that it would put you in.

    number of groups wont matter either i have 400+

    how it will work

    all forums  content will  transfer into a new instance of a forum..unlinked

    all blogs will transfer into a new blogs instance unlinked same with photos   vids etc

    you can then link them by dragging them up to your menu (linked pages) or..move the content into the forums/bligs/etc that you already created

    groups i supose will be put into a new group hub?

    im not 100% sure on all the specifics but thats the gist of what ive gathered so far

    we should see the earliest transitions begining soon most likely on smaller sites

    i have to wait for a few must have features to be in place

    although i cant wait to transition

  • Concern about upgrading with a large membership.

    1. I see no mention of ning membership size.  Are there known issues if we were to upgrade a site with 13,000 members, a few hundred groups and years of blogs and discussions?

    2. What are the average memberships of the sites already transitioned to ning 3.0 and ning groups 3.0? 

    3. Also, will ning 3.0 allow a .com URL, or will become part of the URL in ning 3.0?

  • I started a sandbox account today and began playing. I have already uploaded a custom background and header. There is still a lot about this transition I don't fully understand, but I'm a little at ease now after seeing how simple those two things were to do.

  • Stephanie Ning's offices are closed on the weekend so as long as you placed your proposed 3.0 URL in the sandbox discussion, they will get back to you.  Tomorrow they'll be catching up on weekend tickets so there may be a slight drag but keep checking your email (and spam folder).  Best of luck.

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