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Around this time last year I shared a Hack for getting RSS feeds from Twitter and I must admit it was a little too techy for many NCs on the network.  I promise that this one will be much easier.  What I am going to show you is how to generate a RSS feed from Google Plus using a chrome extension built on Google Apps Scripts, then take that feed and import back into a Ning network.  Let's begin.

Step One:  Install Feed+ extension for Chrome

Simply open up the Feed+ extension while in Chrome and it will then request access to some of your Google services. Say yes and you are all set to create RSS feeds from Google Plus. You can generate RSS feeds for individual profiles, business pages and for search results on Google Plus.

Step Two:  Either plug in your Google+ Page or Profile to Feed+ like so... you can also generate RSS feed from Google+ for hashtags and search queries but they do not always play well with Ning RSS feed modules.

Generate RSS feeds for Google+

Step Three:  Open up your Sites and Pages in Dashboard> Add Content > Choose RSS Module> Plop in your feed URL you just copied and save.

Note:*  I have tested this with 10 different feeds and on import to the RSS feed Module, 3 out of 10 did not validate for some reason.  I believe it is the hashtag search that isn't taking well on Ning because of the hashtag.  But profiles and Pages work in addition too simple searches.

Example can be found in Ning Powered Groups Forum Sidebar

If you ever need help setting up your Ning network for primetime, give me a shout!

Let's perfect this together!  Share your experiences with trying this below in comments!  

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  • NC for Hire

    For those feeds which have hashtags or for search..(those that do not validate inside Ning RSS module, they WILL work if you just use RSSPump and build a widget.. For example this one didn't work for Hashtag #Ning in Ning but WILL Work with RSSPump... see the third widget in sidebar on this page for demo.

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