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Portland, OR

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NC.I love dogs and Portland loves dogs, voila I started working on my Ning network early in 2007 and still work on it everyday.In my professional life I work on using social networks as tools for community building, collaboration, best practices and innovation. I am involved in the Open Government Directive and run three groups on another NIng network called GovLoop.It's interesting to have different roles, as I seek to understand the different challenges in the social networking world.I currently live in Portland, OR. My hometown is Palo Alto.

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  • Thanks Andrea - your dog is beautiful - name? My blog is just as much about the love and compassion I receive from my dogs as it is about living with mental illness because if not for them I am not sure I would have hung in through some of the toughest, darkest days. So here's to creators, dogs and to the greatest creator - the one who created dogs. Happy Holidays to you.
  • Hi Andrea,

    I've spoken with you before -- I run the site which is quite active. Interestingly the other social network I run for local dog owners is EXTREMELY slow and dead. I can see why a specific dog niche (doodle owners) would be more active and engaging than a general dog forum....but the disparity between the two sites is incredible. Literally nothing happens on my local dog forum for days and days and days compared to 'within the hour' on my doodle site. Granted I have put far far far less time into the local group, but I'm quite surprised at how little activity occurs on there anyway.
  • Hi Andrea ~ I really enjoyed your "lonely at the top" blog entry. You hit the nail on the head with so many of your points that I lost count! One avenue I'm thinking of exploring in regards to member participation is the Toxbox ning app. Many of my members are dog owners, so I've been toying with the idea of setting up a regular "goin to the dogs" night on my website where members and their dogs can meet up with other members and their dogs, using the toxbox audio/video feature. Just thought I'd pass that idea along in case it might work for you! Anyway thanks again for your post, after reading it, it doesn't feel so lonely at the top anymore. :0)
  • Glad to be here, amiga!! Glad that we have the Creators network again.
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