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Johnsonburg, PA


March 25

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I have developed a 'Featured Artists Promotional Network" that is entirely family friendly and "G" rated so that there is absolutely no nudity, adult sexual content or profanity.Might sound boring to some, but as a result I have beautiful well organized site with only quality artwork being shown & sold~! I wish to develop it into a safe place for artists of all aged and viewers of conservative values to be able to come and enjoy good non-offensive art~

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Being with Ning back in the days when it was free, I used to help other artists start their own ning sites but when the notice that it was no longer going to be free in 2009 came. many migrated to Spruz. I tried Spruz and a few other networks [, and several others] but kept my Ning sites and paid the price. Then the increased price and then the next increased price - still keeping all 3 sites 1 Main and 2 Minis When others played in the sandbox with 3.0 I hesitated and decided to wait and hang on to the 2.0 as long as it lasted and was glad I did when it turned out so many had issues with 3.0 that went unresolved. 2.0 had meanwhile become dated and without html tables and converters along with Paypal buttons it became harder to use but I still kept it. Once the impending sales and negotiations for new Ning owners came into play and the new email in Sept stating another price increase to $59.95 or be deleted came - I decided it was time to say good bye and began building up my Wordpress blogs to take over where my Ning left off. I wrote my existing members and informed them the site was ending 9/30 No one wrote back - most are spending their time on facebook anyway. to my surprise on 10/1 my paypal acct was again charged with the old prices so I inquired as to why and find my site was on and I could actually click through to pages I couldnt during the month of Sept when my site was down and vanished more than online. Now I see there are new owners again and they want to keep the Ning created sites at the old prices but nothing can bring back the passed month of anxiety over the sites impending demise and the work I had to do to build a new site. The romance is over. I feel its time to divorce from Ning. the sites I have had with Ning are/were : , ,,

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  • So many have gone over to Facebook these passed several years.Most of my former members from my ning site are there as well. So sick of Facebook! Thinking of going big with a conservative social site. How big can a ning go? If set up right a ning2.0 could easily outdo anything Facebook has to offer.. Just speculating...


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