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September 23

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  • Stopping by to bring you a smile:-)
  • I have not worked with Joomla, just word press but it sounds like a good deal.  :)

  • Same here! :)
  • Of course it does.... did you really think this was going to be a "New Feature"?
  • I want to pay to keep my network

    On Wednesday, August 11, 2010 I sent the company ning all data requested me to pay through bank transfer the annual cost of my page ning. Until today I never received the data from the bank where I have to deposit money

    Why a company like ning have this attitude with your customers?

    Why am I not allowed to pay my network? What do you want?

    I want to pay and instead of sending data from the bank where pay

    send me a notice that my network will be dropped

    I want to pay to keep my network

    Who is responsible for this bad deal to me and to all members of my network

    · Link to your network:
    • Name of the creator of the network: julio cesar poblet ros

    · Address email creator:

    • Plan you want to buy: plus
  • Woooohoooo the cat emots are still alive and well I see!
  • Hi Catman - no - it appears that Ning doesn't support IE6 anymore so we are just hoping to encourage people to use more recent browsers.
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