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November 18

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I get around but for the most part I am a Ning Theme Creator and Admin of Rainbow Construction

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  • lol lady,long time no hear.How the hell you doing???????????

  • I've missed you on Pagan UnderWorld
  • 3190969?profile=original
  • just saying hello
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  • (( BOO ))...hahaha
    have a sweet weekend my friend

  • Much love back sister!

  • Hehe you didn't know that was me at first ...did ya? lol
    *wink*...What's your name again? *wink*
    hugs ya babes,
    Debs xoo
  • Yes I am haveing a beautiful day love, unless he deltes one more of my comments, then I am going to find out who runs this place & ask why he is being so rude & biasis & not awesring facual, & why they are permiting this ffrom him. We just want the awesers to our questions not told what ning tells us all the time, right a ticket,, we know how that works already & it doesn't. And as far as the name thing goes will it is there guidelines wait I'll just paste it here because I know by the time I get back he'll have delted what I posted.
    Be Yourself
    Use a nickname or real name while here if possible. Be “Jane” and not “ACE DELIVERY SERVICES INC.” We love being on a first-name basis.

    I'll be back in 45 mins I'll talk to u then, love yah!!!

    Civility Rules
    If we want respect and civility to be the hallmarks of this community, we all have to strive to keep the feedback constructive.

    That is what your guidelines say on this, so now can we please get some of our questions awesered, & please stop being rude!
  • (((Crooked SKy!)))
This reply was deleted.


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