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November 25

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  • ...and now I read TJ's response to you and I realize you've got it worked out. Great!


  • Hi again, 

    Took a look at your site again and it seems as if it is running like it should.

    Good luck with it.


  • Hi Emily,

    I hadn't tried this code except on my test network, so I went ahead and added the new code in place of the old in the custom code box. I added the "javascript bits" tht TJ suggested in the following post and after  5-10 seconds lag the slider started up and seems to be functioning as it should. Try that and see if it remedies your bug.  ...I changed nothing else.



    TJ @ jQueryHelp replied to Eric Suesz's discussion "How to Add a Slider to Your Main Page to Promote Special Content" on Creators

    I think that whoever updated the code on Sept 26 forgot to put it inside a script tag.  That's why it ends up displaying as text at the bottom of the page.
    Put <script type="text/javascript">  before the code and  </script>  after it, then see if it works.
    Best wishes!

  • Just wanted to welcome you to the Creators Network.  Add me as a friend and don't forget to join the if you have activated the extension.
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