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Pittsburgh, PA


March 2

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  • NC for Hire

    OK, i've added you on Skype. I'll try and call today

  • NC for Hire
    Have you managed to get it looking right using the non iFrame option? I.e it looks good but the drop downs are still hidden? Or have you not even got that far? It's quite difficult to sort this via comment wall to be honest.

    I tried the nav bar that you allude to in the forums but found it buggy, as some of the people who responded have too.

    Thanks for the invite to chat, will call soon. Do you have a Skype account?
  • NC for Hire

    don't worry, found it, and i see you've not got it on the live site.

    If you've got it working but need the drop down to display over the body of the site try adding this to your advanced css:

    .xg_theme .xj_ad_below_header{
    z-index: 1000;

  • NC for Hire

    the iframe option is a no go.

    the best option would be to insert the html into an ad box below the header (see features layout) and then put the css in your advanced css section (or link to an external stylesheet if no room). The problem is that some of the css conflicts with the standard ning css styles so i think that some renaming of some of the classes is in order, hence; custom job.

    Some other NCs might have a better alternative but I'd have to spend some time on it.


  • NC for Hire

    i think in truth it's probably a paid custom job, especially as I can't even see what you're trying to do. Cheers, SP

  • NC for Hire

    seems like you've reverted back to the standard ning nav bar. SP

  • I saw your comment and i think i can help

    but right now i can't access any computer..

    There is lot of designers on Creators.. open a forum and they will help you

  • NC for Hire

    Hi Chris,

    I seems like this issue is from your html menu itself. Even your drop down menu is not visible in text. 

  • NC for Hire
    But then I see that your custom nav bar is in an iframe. Why? Does it not work in a custom text box or even the ad box below the header?
  • NC for Hire
    Off the top of my head you might need to add a high z-index value to the newly created div ID "custom_ads".

    Try this in your advanced CSS


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