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  • hi! did you ever figure out how to add custom navigator menu?

  • Thanks
  • NC for Hire
    I agree with Thunder X. To add to his comments: your site is nice and clean, but very Ningish looking and not too exciting. I would think that students may want a little more pizazz. ;-)

    Good luck with your site,
  • ok, i can view it now.

    i take it the color blue has some sort of association with your student association. it hurts my eyes, but if it works for you and your members, so be it. if you could possibly use different shades of blue, i would. your twitter feed on the right should match your theme, it does not now. you should even out your columns. it's impossible to get them perfectly even, but you can get close to doing so. i know you're trying to maintain a blue theme, but the text in your module headers should be white, the phone number is easy to miss. change your default members image or resize it to fit, the top is cut off. it will do you good to make it so that members have to upload a profile pic in order to join. a default profile image makes it seem as though your members are uninspired to participate. the same applies to groups, do not approve new groups unless the member who created it has uploaded an image for it and has a sound theme worked out beforehand. instead of having the "click here" link below your rss subscription button, you can make the image itself a clickable link. i assume that since your network is new, you are working on designing a logo/header image, so i won't comment on your lack of one.

    i hope my critique has been helpful to you, sorinolu.
  • still blocked.
  • unfortunately, i can not critique your network as it is set to private. i can not view it.
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