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January 7

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  • Hey Monique!

    It's totally fine to discuss, I just don't want to interrupt the flow of product suggestions on Creators by mixing in unrelated discussions. We've announced that we will be moving to a paid platform, and we'll be filling in the details on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience.

    Ning Product Manager
  • Hey Monique!

    I saw that you posted two discussions today on the Product Ideas and Suggestions category here on Creators — one about Wordpress (I was actually at Wordcamp this weekend :D) and another about alternatives. While it's fine in general to post this stuff, please post it in the appropriate category (like "Opinions" or "May 4 changes").

    The product category is meant to be for ideas for new features and improvements to the Ning platform.

    Ning Product Manager
  • Hi, yes that will work but it doesn't look very good having the numbers in your post title. If I work anything out I'll let you know.

    What is your site? My biggest challenge recently has been dealing with bad posters (not spam just people who flood the site with aggressive or negative posts). So I created a Trash category on my forum and then we can re-categorise the rubbish so it doesn't show on the front page.

    What is your network?
  • All Ning needs is an option to include a unique identifier in their URL or alternatively create a Google News Sitemap. It peeves me off quite frankly that they've done all this work to integrate with Twitter and Facebook, etc but Google News is a much bigger driver of traffic and yet they ignore it.

    If you know any coder it would be very simply for them to take RSS feed and turn it into a Google News Sitemap. That's the only way to do it as far as I can see.
  • Hi, no as yet have not. I've been meaning just to plug my RSS feed into it, to see if it would work but haven't had an opportunity yet.
  • Whats your network?

    Having a hard time with tags. Mine is new and yet to be officially launched.
  • hi
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