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Sydney, NSW


September 21

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I'm a former journalist and media operator, who has been running my hobby site on a Ning network for about six months and just launched my first work-related site at

Phil Sim posted a discussion
Late last year, we completed a massive transition from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0.I was actually delighted with the process, given the amount of content we had to move over as ours would be one of the longer-running Ning networks still kicking around, and…
Mar 3
Phil Sim replied to Steve C's discussion
Comparing Speeds of Ning 2 and Ning 3 Sites
"I don't think its a Ning 3 issue. I've got another Ning 3 site and performance hasn't been an issue before. I think its just an infrastructure or temporary code issues. I think I know the bug you reported and if so that's the other "biggie" I'm awar…"
Dec 19, 2018
Phil Sim replied to Steve C's discussion
Comparing Speeds of Ning 2 and Ning 3 Sites
"Ning Creators is pretty slow for me and I'm getting ocassional time-outs, right now, so I don't think the issue is limited to one or two sites!"
Dec 19, 2018
Phil Sim posted discussions
Dec 19, 2018
Phil Sim and ⚡JFarrow⌁ are now friends
NC for Hire
Dec 19, 2018
Phil Sim replied to Steve C's discussion
Comparing Speeds of Ning 2 and Ning 3 Sites
my most rusted on users, were big chat users and the difference in experience there has been a little bit painful. Its an extra click for them to find the chatroom they use, and we can't integrate a block on the front page, which is…"
Dec 19, 2018
Phil Sim replied to Steve C's discussion
Comparing Speeds of Ning 2 and Ning 3 Sites
"So I've just moved my site from Ning 2 to Ning 3 and going through the usual issues with users having to cope with change.
However, the most recurring comment has been in relation to speed. We're looking at about a 10 second load time for the home p…"
Dec 19, 2018
Phil Sim replied to Phil Sim's discussion
Better use of tags
"On a similar note, not even being able to pick a Forum category when adding a Forum blog seems like an even bigger oversight!"
Dec 15, 2018
Phil Sim posted a discussion
I have lots and lots of content on my site, and I'd like to be able to showcase some of that content better. One way to very easily to that would be to put a tag filter on any block. For example, I could add a page and add a forum block, but filter…
Dec 15, 2018
Phil Sim posted a discussion
My site has a number of members who push the boundaries of our terms and conditions, and acceptable content.Some of them are well-known and popular users on the site, and we want them to continue using the site, but we continually have to keep placi…
Sep 26, 2018

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  • Hay Phil....

    I figured out how to include post into Google News without a Google News Sitemap...

    After you add your RSS feed to Google Webmaster, All you have to do is add a 3 digit to your title and your post will be in Google News within Minutes.


    News 001: Man kill himself after divorce

    You can be creative to included a 3 digit within your post, do you have anything to share or tips on improving network.... I'm always looking for new ideas.
  • We trying to get help for this but no help yet, we open a ticket with Ning and we are waiting on a reply.

    When we went to verify that our site accepted into Google News, we notice that one article was already included, this article also shows up on the front page of Google search as a Google news content.

    We did already from day one plugged in RSS of each section of our site into Google Webmaster...

    We still trying to find out the correct way to get this done..
  • hello Phil,

    Did you figure out how to use Google News with your Ning Network?
  • Welcome Phil!
This reply was deleted.


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