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January 5

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    Blessings Always

  • Eric, my friend!

    One question! How do I add smileys to assign the message to the wall in my home network?

    Thanks: Edi from Hungary

  • Wow they get you on your own page lol..  just wanted to come by and say hey!! all been good our way liking the improvements..keep up the good work.

    all i wanted to say..thanks for everything


  • Hi Eric,


    Please help me follow-up resolution of the issue I filed with the Help Center. Ticket number is #00439857. Today is now the 8th day that the ticket has remained unresolved. I have done what was required of me which is to confirm that the Livewired apps in my two networks be removed in order for the email digest to be enabled on my two sites.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Eric - I need bigtime help!
    My site is down. I sent a ticket but my mail is also down so I have no idea if it will be answered or not. What can I do? Is there someone I can call or talk to?? please advise!
  • happy birthday
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  • Eric, I have an outstanding ticket on an issue that could at least temporarily shut down our network if not dealt with soon. The deadline for our monthly payment is at hand and I have not heard from Ning about resolution of the payment problem. You have previously helped me with this. Is there any way you can get in touch with whoever is on it so I can get some action quickly? Here is the ticket. #00355004
    Thank you
  • Eric,

    I have had a ticket outstanding for 10 days, about my inability to select plans for my three Ning sites.

    Each site lets me sign in, see creator functionality, but then when I select the option to pick a plan, it takes me back to a sign-on screen, where my user-ID / password (the same one that I'd just used to sign into my site) is not recognized (it says no such user).

    Please advise.

    Robert Ford
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