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Cape Town


January 1

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

New to all this :) I really need some help - things dont seem to do what they should (or is it just me?)

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  • Hi Ian, just responding now to your 9/7 comment on My Page, which I don't check very often! I do not know of an easy way to change a member's Profile page without having their password. However, you can use jQUery to style anything on any page of your network. You would have to identify the page elements you want to change, and use jQuery lines like x$('element').css('property', 'value'); to make the changes. To insure that the changes only affect one person's profile, you would have to wrap your jQuery lines in a javascript line like

    if(window.location == 'Profile_URL') { The_jQuery }

    It can be done but it probably won't be pretty! Any visitor to this member's profile will see the page load, and then transform according to your jQuery css mods. It can be done this way but probably should not be done this way!
  • Again, I don't provide 1:1 support. If you'd like an answer, please post in the discussions area.
  • Hey Ian,

    As I mention on my profile, I don't provide 1:1 support here. I want to spend 100% of my time responding to discussions that all Creators can view.

    If you have a question, please post it on an existing discussion or start a new one.

    Ning Product Manager
  • Great to have you aboard NING Creators!
    May your journey be helpful and enjoyable:-)
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