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April 1

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Forum for eating disorder recovery.

⚡JFarrow⌁ replied to Katcha Sanderson's discussion
Time zone instead of zip code?
"You could create a multiple choice question with a list of timezones, mask or ignore the zip code and then use advanced search to create a list of links like i did here or here and connect the links with time zones in member profiles..."
Oct 24, 2019
Katcha Sanderson posted a discussion
Currently members as asked when signing up for their zip code. How/is it possible to change that to a time zone designation? The membership at our forum is more international with exact locations perhaps more private and not necessary information.…
Oct 23, 2019

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  • Hmm, I read that there is a place on a member's profile where I could supply a bit of information about myself. I'm hoping that Comments is it. Here goes -

    I am what I consider a digital dinosaur. I've been around computers since 1968 - first job was keypunching those old IBM cards to load into a BATCH mode computer. Was born in the Santa Clara valley before it was known as Silicon Valley. I hung around that area until the 1980s and then moved on to early retirement which included being online in the early 1990s. But for all that 'history', I am an admitted klutz when it comes to programing and setting up program to operate as I known I want them to function! So please have patience with me as I ask what many will consider dumb or silly questions. I do make attempts to LOOK for what I am seeking before I post and admit to the world I can't find or figure something out. I have had many years of experience with groups and forums (one previous Ning one too) so those expectations arrive with me. Here's to all of you helping me to get my beloved forum operating at peak performance. Thanks in advance!

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