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January 5

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  • I should add, please start a discussion about this. As I've mentioned, I don't provide 1:1 here on Creators, but I'm happy to assist in discussions that everyone can view and participate in.


  • Perhaps you could elaborate? What were asking for help with, and what did our phone support say in reply?


  • Lelanie,

    That's not really how CSS on Ning works. I don't need to give you CSS so that you can modify it. We have pre-built CSS that customizes the HTML elements on your network. That CSS cannot be changed, but any custom CSS you add yourself through the Design Studio or the Custom CSS box will take precendence over any CSS that we have added.

    You didn't actually mention this, but what exactly are you trying to change about your profile pages? Are you sure it's something you can do with CSS?

    I'm not trying to be unhelpful, but as a Pro customer, you have more avenues for support than anyone else — you can even give us a call for phone support, something that Mini and Plus customers can't do. I'm on here to provide support to as many Creators as possible through the forum, but I don't provide 1:1 support.

    Please start a discussion on this topic and I'd be happy to contribute. The discussion you pointed me to, (, is a feature request for being able to customize the order and location of modules on profile pages. That's not something that can be done with CSS and it's not on our roadmap at the moment.

    Ning Product Manager

  • Hey Lelanie,

    I don't provide support 1:1 here on Creators. That's what the Help Center is for. I'm happy to take a look at a discussion if you point me to it, but note that we don't do provide custom CSS for unique cases out there. That's a slippery slope we don't want to go down.

    Ning Product Manager

  • 1064494341.bin

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