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Franklin, TN


December 19

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I have Scripts4Ning and Joomla Expander

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  • Everything's fine thanks, I trust you're doing well yourself.

    Yes, the upgrade not only knocked out the S4N/SiteSuites admin controls, it deactivated the scripts. We had to submit help tickets and it was promptly resolved.
  • Hey Noelle!

    Same thing happened to a lot of us. It's not Vince's fault this has happened, though. Ning failed to notify all third party developers of the impact their upgrade would have on their apps. You have to submit a ticket to the Ning Help Center for them to fix this.
  • NC for Hire
    Hi Noelle,
    Thanks for asking about this. No, this hasn't anything to do with Joomla Bridge, sorry for that confusion. We use Joomla independent of the Joomla Bridge. And that's what we were having issues with. It works beautifully except the registration. I think it's too flaky. On the Joomla Bridge, great app, but I don't want to embed the Directory, but have it running independently of our Ning Directory Community. Due to high traffic, and potential of high Directory listings, we need to run as fast as possible, if that makes sense.

    I may in fact see if I can hire Vince to fix this Joomla database we've worked so hard on, to integrate completely with the Ning Directory Community. I just can't afford to hire him, yet. ;-)
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