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Build your Idea... Sow your Seed

(1) Ideas have to turn into investments.

(2) To build your idea first sow your seed. There is no "perfect moment" to start other than the moment you start something, only then is it the perfect moment. 

(2) Ideas become rewards for the time you spend investing your creative genius into a seed. That's what an idea is, a seed!

(3) Seeds dont stay seeds. Seeds grow as they are fed and watered, cultivated and nurtured.  The old oak tree you climbed as a kid was once an acorn that fell into good ground. If your idea is plantable, it is growable. (scuse my english!).

(4) Idea's dont fail, we do! We fail because we dont invest ourselves into "thinking time." Every thing is possible when you invest yourself into an idea. There is no such thing as a bad idea only a failure to have a go, work on it and invest yourself into it! 

(5) Start off with one idea, work on it, invest your mind and time into it and work it until you plant it, if that dont work.... dont quit but start again, until you find the right environment and component to add "height" to your seed. 

Just a word of encouragement to you today.. YOU CAN PLANT IT! and Make it BIG

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