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A Message from Our CEO

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every Network Creator for your continued support!  On behalf of the entire Ning Interactive team, I can tell you that we’re motivated and inspired by the communities you’ve created and are dedicated to helping you and your networks succeed. 

The past few years have been challenging, both to our employees and more so to you, our Network Creators, but I can confirm that’s all in the past now.  We’re committed to developing our people, strengthening our platform, and reopening the lines of communication while rebuilding our own community here on Creators.  We’re excited for the future and the opportunity to work with you, and we hope to exceed your expectations.

Since taking ownership of Ning Interactive Inc. on October 1, 2016, we have focused on stabilizing our environment and fixing old, outstanding bugs.  We canceled the rate increase that was scheduled to go into effect October 1st of last year and increased our billing and technical support hours to be 24/7.  We’re investing capital in infrastructure and human resources, all to ensure the success of our customers, platform, and scalability.

As we start a new year, we’re shifting our focus to features, functionality, and customer transparency.  Below is a list of some (but by no means all) of our Ning 3.0, Q1 objectives for 2017:

  • Add Features: Events, Search, Chat, and Paid Access
  • Restart 2.0 to 3.0 migrations
  • Establish a new NC Council to participate in the creation of a new Product Roadmap
  • Successful implementation of at least two customer-driven features
  • Weekly status updates here on Creators

As CEO, I want to hear directly from you how we’re doing in the following areas:

  • Customer Support:  Are we doing better or worse? What aren’t we doing that you would like to see?
  • Transparency & Communication:  Are we communicating as much as you’d like?  What else would you like to hear from us?
  • Existing Features & Functionality:  Issues you’ve encountered using them, how they can be improved, etc.
  • Ning Network Design Tools:  What tools can be improved? What additional tools are needed?

If there is anything that we can do to improve our service to you, I will listen.  Send your feedback to, and please be sure and include your network’s URL in your message.   I look forward to hearing from you!

Our developers also want to hear your perspective on which features and functionalities you find useful or would like to see in the future.  We'll monitor your feedback for future consideration, using it to fine tune improvements to existing features and new features added to the Product Roadmap.  In some cases, we may respond directly for further clarification.  Message, including your network’s URL, to share your insights with the team. 

In closing, we have much work ahead of us, not the least of which includes earning back your trust. However, with a new team and renewed focus, coupled with your restored trust and partnership, we’re energized to make 2017 our best year yet!

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  • What a terrible Template and Layout. Please we need a Responsive Template and Layout, and more Responsive Features.

  • I have been a loyal customer and network operator for more then 10 years. I am trying to get an answer on a SERIOUS issue; advertizing blocks don't accept html (Adsence) code any more. You don't pick up the phone nor do you answer tickets. 

    So, answer the phone, (re-)acht on tickets. Make service work again.

  • January 30, 2017: Ning is down again and no access to phone or help pages. Please let members know what is going on. Your lack of reliability is truly hurting our services! Please call me ASAP at 770-883-0160! It is urgent that you get my sites back up and operating! Mike Thies

    • It seems to back up! We need more realiablity! We had NO PLANS to migrate to Ning 3. What does that mean for our future with Ning? Please advise. Mike Thies 770-883-0160

      • Do we need to know your phone number?

  • HERE ME NOW - WE 2.0 WILL NOT MIGRATE. Understand this - and understand it well. If you force this, there will be NO compromise. We built our 2.0 networks, and invest to much time and effort into them. You can guarantee that we will cancel, if you force it. Just leave it alone. Period. focus your efforts on providing a solid 3.0, and IF anyone wants to move over, that is there choice. BUT, for all the 2.0 people, YOU OWE US RESPECT as long LONG term NING users who have suffered through 10+ years of strife. ALSO, these are WHITE BOARD networks. Keep them that way - and don't you dare try selling out data, or stripping of service or privacy. WE HAVE HAD IT.

  • More storgespace would be nice! Need more than 1gb.

    A easy way to  add theme for uploading videos. Like this

    transition and effect. 


    faster loading time

    a way to change the sign up background.

  • Mike the "reply" area wouldn't take my reply so you're getting it here.

    Mike The "wish list" I sent to Nings Developer?  Sure.  Although you'll see I'm not much into "bling".  At least I made my voice heard.

    1. Chat chat chat.  Those of us on 3.0 are currently paying a third-party provider for three years now with 3.0 unfinished and it's a nightmare!  Cannot emphasize enough how badly we need 'chat' added to 3.0.  I realize many sites will want a dynamic chat with video chat, embed photos, emoticons and files.  Hopefully Ning is listening
    2. Get the broadcast message working again.
    3. API released
    4. Paid access.  This is killer and we lost many a site due to it not being added to 3.0.  Let's get it added so we can grab some of those money makers back!
    5. Internal 'search'.  Embedding an outside search is horrible and it looks like crap.
    6. Facebook "share" button inside posts.  We have a "like" button which blows.  We really need to 'share' and get out articles out there for discussion on Facebook.
    7. Ability to display the photo titles overhead on the photo list page.  See rough idea at my site
    8. The Creator of (John Bizley) previously re-designed his photo page to allow the smaller photos to be displayed at the bottom OR along the side (which looks slick btw). 
    9. He also installed hidden arrows to navigate right/left.  This should be standard.  You can see below or visit my site
    10. Photo sideshow ability added to Site Builder.
    11. Sitemap
    12. "Scroll to top" button.
    13. Get rid of the "more" when it comes to categories being displayed.  It's ludicrous and no one ever checks beneath more.  Extend our (or drop below) to show the additional categories.  Must more professional.
    14. Add a little transition/transform to those photos when hovered.  Looks great!
    15. Enhance Activity Feed to reflect buttons to add a photo and post to Facebook/Twitter.
    16. Change the 'class' for the RSS output.   Currently it's tied to 'post titles' and looks ridiculously LARGE.  It needs it's own setting and needs to show selection in Design Studio.
    17. Import/Export.  Let's get some websites back that we lost!  They'll want to bring their data with them.
    18. Add a box in Site Builder where you can opt to 'hide' the header on that page being created.  Just check the box - done!
    19. Add a box in Site Builder to will allow a different background image to be uploaded to the page being created.
    20. Dropdown boxes to view posts by category or month
    21. "Next post" and "Prior post" buttons at the bottom of posts.
    22. Ability to "view full size" of all photos.  Maybe add a button?
    23. Events
    24. Emoticons
    25. Ability to display "lead images" as a Group on the home page representing the most recent posts.  We've fielded several requests for this design the last few years and I strongly suggest you consider adding this layout.
    26. Other sharing options as well as email and print buttons in posts.  I realize I'm not explaining this properly but here's a website we've lost member to as an example of the layout
    27. Lastly (I can dream) the ability to add a field below a post that reflects "You Might Be Interested In" with 3-5 posts from within the site based on similar tags.
    • And everything said here. lol

      • The prior owners probably were in the middle of this build when the sale (and their layoff) was announced.  It's probably 1/2 was done.  New developers just have to complete it.  I felt it best to bring to their attention.

This reply was deleted.

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