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Announcing Events for Ning 3.0

We’ve heard your feedback over the years, and Events has consistently been one of, if not the, most-requested feature for 3.0. So today, we’re pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Events for Ning 3.0.

Events are an important component of a successful community, as they allow members to come together, whether virtually or online, at a designated time and place. As we rebuilt Events, we’ve kept the good parts from Events on 2.0 and added some improvements to make it even more powerful.

Semi-Private Events

In addition to Public and Private events, we’ve added a new privacy option: Semi-private. While Private events will be hidden from people who aren’t invited, Semi-private events will still appear in the list of upcoming events. However, only the event date, picture, and title will be visible. People who aren’t already invited to your Semi-private event will need to request an invitation to view the event details and RSVP.

Updated RSVP Options & Google Calendar

RSVP options now include a Going, Might go, and Not going responses, whose wording can be changed in the Language Editor. You can now RSVP directly from the Events page, in addition to the event details page, using the “Are you going?” drop down menu.

Once you’ve RSVP’d, you can easily add the event to your Google Calendar, using the Google Calendar button found under the RSVP drop down menu on each event.


While network-wide Search is still in the works, we’ve added a search field to Events. Search through all events or through a specific date range using the “Date range” drop down menu next to the search field.

This is only the first of many more features to come, so please check back here again soon for more announcements in the coming weeks and months!

Click on the following link to find a detailed guide for Events in our Ning 3.0. Help Center  - Events Guide

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  • Thank You! I've been waiting a long time for this update. Now I can switch to the version 3.0 platform.

  • I'm back :]

    Backstory...I became an NC back in 2006 and ran multiple local business networks (at one time 256 paid mini networks approved by Gina Bianchini) for close to 8 years. I left due to being orphaned by the Glam/Mode purchase and the 3.0 release and subsequent abandonment.

    I always respected (and missed) the Creators community so checked in from time to time and nice to see some ol great faces. 

    The new ownership and release of Events for 3.0 is what pulled me back in. If the new ownership can guide this ship back to steady waters the timing could be perfect as more and more people look for alternatives to kitties, politics, memes and privacy in FBland. 

    I look forward to helping wherever I can.

    • Great to see an old face return!  Welcome back Pat :)

      • Kos, you are certainly one who kept me coming back :]

        I hope to have something worth sharing soon. 

        • Moi?  *lol*  Yeah, once I'm 'in' something, I tend to stick around forever 'til you show me the exit door. I'm highly encouraged with the new owners seeing "Events" being released in 3.0.........and they're not forcing 2.0 owners to migrate which makes them happy.  I myself love 3.0 but it definitely needs to be completed.  Events is a step in the right direction.  I'm praying 'chat' comes next.  btw if you need any help with 256 sites - let me know!  I'm for hire.  *lol*  Great to have you back.

  • So I note the following --

    You can create multiple instances of calendars, but individual events can only live on one calendar or another. So it's not possible to have a 'main calendar' with your 'general-audience' events, and then another calendar that holds both those events and some other more specific set of events. I guess maybe you can achieve that by creating "Private" events and inviting certain people to see them, but it's not really the same thing.

    Also, it looks like you can create group calendars, but you can't bring a global calendar into your group, nor can you bring a group calendar out to "all." 

    I guess from an admin standpoint it would be nice to be able to create an event, and then say what calendars it should appear on -- at least I think that would be useful. Wondering if anyone else agrees

  • It's really nice to see a new major feature like Events, for Ning 3.0.  Great work! smile.gif

  • The first feature in nearly 2 years whoo hoo. Look forward to getting native search and chat - soon hopefully :)

  • NC for Hire

    Great news, thank you Ning!

  • This is perfect for my magazine submission dates and release dates. Plus announcment for radio shows.

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