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Changes to Ning 3.0 Based on Your Feedback

We launched Ning 3.0 just over two weeks ago. While the overall market response has been really awesome, we have – based on the feedback here on Creators – somewhat underestimated the confusion and potential pain this new generation platform could create for some of you.

We value and carefully consider your input, and have decided to offer more flexibility and appreciation for you all as existing Ning customers.

Grandfathered in at 2x Member Limits

Rather than differentiate plans by features, storage and bandwidth, we set member limits for each plan. Number of members is a visible and intuitive measure of Network Creator success. We believe that you deserve a break when the time comes to upgrade. Therefore, existing Ning Networks will be grandfathered in at 2x the member limit of the new plans.

When you upgrade from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0, the Basic plan will support 2,000 members and the Performance plan will support 20,000 members. According to our data, this means that less than 1% of all our existing customers should see any price increase.

3-Month Post Upgrade Grace Period

We have also decided to give you an extra three more months after you upgrade before applying any member limits. And we will provide you with tools during and after the upgrade process to remove long-time inactive members from your network and clean house.

Limitless Moderators

Several of you voiced concerns with limiting the number of moderators. Recruiting active members to help moderate is a powerful tool for NCs to effectively manage their community and reward their most engaged members. We agree and we will be changing our pricing plans to reflect this. All Ning 3.0 subscribers can have an unlimited number of moderators (capped by your members plan limit). Moderators can be given full moderation privileges (approve, feature, edit, delete or suspend) for multiple features, content type and/or members. However the Ning 3.0 plans include a limitation on the number of Administrators—those with full access to the design, layout and settings of your network— Administrators will be limited to 2, 5 and 10 respectively.

'Powered by Ning | Mode Social' Footer Requirement

As we have shared in our FAQs and in several discussion topics, displaying "Powered by Ning | Mode Social" in network footers is important for the health of our business.  While we recognize that some of you will decide to leave the platform on account of it, we will not waive this requirement. However to mitigate the impact for some of you, we do intend to put an affiliate program in place that will allow you to gain some value for clickthroughs and referrals. We’ll also provide more flexibility in terms of where and how to display the logo (options such as centering it). 

Ning 2.0 Upgrade, Migration and Retirement Timeline

As we have announced, we are working on a seamless upgrade process for Ning 2.0 Networks and plan to release it this summer. Once the upgrade process is available, Ning 2.0 Networks will have at least one year to move to Ning 3.0. We will confirm the exact schedule for the Ning 2.0 retirement when we officially release these migration tools. Before we officially release these tools, we are planning to work with many of you on a beta program for this key feature to make sure that it works as well as can be expected and minimize all changes and concerns for the vast majority of our existing customers. 

We hope these changes address most of your concerns and give you a bit more confidence in our own ability to listen to you all. We appreciate the time and energy you pour into your communities, and are committed to delivering you a great and viable platform for years to come.

Thank you all for your feedback; we couldn’t do this without you. If you haven’t already, please take advantage of our offer to create a Ning 3.0 Sandbox Network. We would love for you to experience the redesign firsthand and get a jump-start on developing your Ning 3.0 Network. Don't forget to drop by and let us know how it's going!

NOTE: Post Edited on 4/29/14 to reflect Glam Media's name change to Mode Media.

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  • We want provisions for members to edit their pages/layouts, more like Ning 2.0. 

    Also need adjustible posts per page selections (5, 10, 20 etc.) so we dont end up with so many pages to search through.

    I see some good things about 3.0, but I miss many from Ning 2.0. Not all that happy.


  • I opted out of NING altogether not just because of displeasure of the way they set things up. I just simply lost interest and have moved to blogspot.

    Thank you very much for all the good years of service NING

    • I took the plunge and migrated over to the new platform, in many ways it is better than the old platform but there are definitely things that need looking into, In all honesty, I have really tried to like it and see the positives but I don't, and more importantly nor do my members don't like it.

      If Ning don't address the problems I fear I will lose a lot of my members and seeing as I am now paying more per month, even though I have had to downgrade from the middle package to the basic package, I may have to close the site down......

    • I remember when you arrived here Cindy, and when you started your 3.0 sandbox site.

      Best of luck with your new ventures!

      • I am quite happy with blogspot which is for writing and  blog sharing. Ideal for me. Thank you for your response Stumelia and best of luck to you as well

  • Also, I have unsubscribed to this feed. If you wish to finally respond to my email, you can do it there
  • Thank you for not replying to my email....
  • Someone seems to have gone off their meds or something.

  • I called Ning the other day. Spoke with a guy named Dustin who assured me all is well. However, I did not feel completely confident in his tone and felt he was surprised by my call. But, that could be all in my mind since I did call him with some apprehension and other weird emotions after reading all the comments here.

    He then emailed me a link to a page to be updated about all 3.0: I told him that every link at the bottom sent me to an error page to which he replied the following:

    "Hi Nelson,

    Thanks for bringing that to our attention. The links seem to be broken as a result of our recent migration of the Ning Creators' Network from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0; I'll let the team know of this issue. In the meantime you should see these features listed as part of our announcements here:

    Let us know if we can provide additional assistance.


    * Then, in another message, he responded to my reporting the error page by asking me to go here instead:

    ..That's all I got and still not decided what to think of it.

    • ive talked to dustin many timees and jenifer today and i melieve the other 1 was donna or couldbe wrong it does seem the support staff that answer calls was reduced to 3  wherre i used to get  even some of the higher ups in the company answering..back in the day

      the roadmaop the annnouncemewnts the whatshappening with 3,0 are all drasticly out of date  and ive told them that multiple times and still no updates

      however.. noone from niijng is tAkinmg care of creators anymore they used to have a  community manager that ran creators..not anymore

      and i think they are waiting to update till they have something new to update with

      i ask "whats bbeing worked on" every time i call and untill 2 dayts ago always got 'i dont know thats a diferent department" and  when i asked if they can look into it id get 'ill check into it an d try to let you klnowe, but no promices"

      this past week they finaly sdaid an archiver for 3.0 will be released soon and events are indeed being worked on

      but when asked iuf the vids are beinbg worked on iu git "i dont know' again

       however jenifer did say that the  archiver will be relewsassed 'soon" and when thats releeased they should have a much better idea as to how much longer the key features will take and when a migration tool will beready


      in short it might not be another 6 months

      it might be 2-4 more likely 4

      but  we should soon know when an end is in sight

      thats not a 100% complete date as search  and chat still would need to be added but we should know "soon"  approx how much longer things will take

      i oput soon in quotes only cause i have no idea if that means a week 2 weeks a month my guess is 2 weeks to a month at least  but i at least doubt it would be  2 months

      im experimenting with an exit plan if it doesnt come soon enough

      but stiklkl reemaining somewhat hopeful that in 2-3 weeks they say it will bererady to use (minus search and chat) by xmass

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