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Dear creators!

We have reviewed our groups, so from now it will be easier for you to find a group for your interest. Few suggestions from us :)

1. Choose a group based on your location. We have:
- group for creators from Spain;
- group for creators from Brazil;
- group for creators from France;
- group for creators from USA;
- group for creators from Italy;
- group for creators from Germany;
- group for creators from Africa;
- group for creators from China;
- group for creators from Russia;
- group for creators from Japan;
- group for creators from India;
- group for creators from Canada;
- group for creators from United Kingdom;

2. Choose a group that will help you with your network:
- Hire a creator;
- Tips 4 NING Creators;
- How did you do that;
- Ning powered events;
- Monetization with NING;
- NING Business Club.

We are also looking for active admins for our groups, so if you are interested - contact us!
Didn’t find interesting group for yourself? Create your own! Here is a quick guide how to do this:

Have any suggestions about groups? Tell us!

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  • Not a fan of this...there's not enough activity to specialize in groups at this point.

    • Hi there! Yes, you are right - these groups are not active enough. But only people and their enthusiasm, as well as discussions and communication can make our groups popular and interesting for others. :) That`s why it`s time to join them and chat with each other! And you`re also welcome!:)

      • I've tried to hoe this row on my NING networks that ive had for nearly 10 years without success. My networks are comparable in size and activity to Creators. The last thing I want to see is this creators site take a step backward because it had regained really good momentum.

        If you want to be a group based site, there needs to be some reworking on its organization. Changes I wish NING would have made years ago. Have someone contact me if they want the feedback.. 

        • Why so, it`s not bad when I can follow some groups and discuss something with others. Personally, I think that it`s better to know where to find answers for questions rather than dive into endless stream of posts on Comments wall etc. And it`s good that groups were cleaned, and are being reloaded now.

          • I cant think of a popular network (FB, Twitter, Reddit) that does it like that. They all start with a stream of latest posts scanning the entire platform and then it allows you to move to more specific groups/categories from there. There's a reason for that. People need to see activity. Ideally NING would  allow you to display all posts (from every forum post, group post and blog on the homepage to drive acticity to these groups  and then leave it up to the user using quick nav tools to get deper into the group.

            • Hi there!

              Good point, there is only one issue with that, the groups are not getting moderated that well as most of them have been created by the members of teh network, so if the spammer would appear here somehow, that could cause some inconveniences to the members. Anyway, let's try this approach and see where it would bring this community.

              Best regards,

              Ning Team.

  • NC for Hire

    Thanks... still trying to get my listing on the Solutions Provider Directory updated.. 


    i sent the updated info to Kyryl a couple of it possible to change this? I can resend to anyone who can make the change for me..

    Sorry to be off topic.

    Ning Solution Provider Directory - Find your custom Ning Solution
    Use the Ning Solution Provider Directory to find the best solution for your Ning design needs. We connect you with experts in Ning development.
    • Hi there! Ok, we`ll do our best to help you as soon as possible:)

This reply was deleted.

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