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New time formats now available

Since NING users are scattered across the entire globe, we’ve added an option of switching between the 12-hour and 24-hour time formats. So, if your network is intended for users coming from the regions where the 24h format is more appropriate (for example, Europe), this update is for you.

To switch between the two time formats, go to Social Site Manager > General Settings and select the required option in the Time Format drop-down menu.


Depending on your choice, the time of different actions on the network (e.g., adding blog posts, comments, updates, etc.) will be displayed in the 12h or 24h format, accordingly. The same goes for the time frames of network events.


We hope this new update will make it more comfortable for your network members to use your website, wherever they come from.



the NING team


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  • There needs to be an option for the date format as well, for instance from the image above events are like this 2020-05-26 but a lot of countries like here in the uk would have it like this 26-05-2020. For us it looks rather odd having it the other way round.

    • It's the same in France. The desired format is 26-05-2020 and not 2020-05-26.

    • NC for Hire


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