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Ning 2Q 2017 plan!

Most of you have asked us about Product plan for the nearest future. And here it is! 

For the last couple of months we’ve been listening to you very carefully, gathering and analyzing all your feedbacks to make Ning platform a better place for you and your members.

So here is the list of functions we are going to release in Q2.

1) Making Ning 3.0 as functional as Ning 2.0:
- Paid Access. Probably the most expected feature that will be much better and way more functional than the previous version.
- Chats. Basically, they are live now, but in Q2 this option will be upgraded to the next level.
- Audio. The basic feature with basic performance.

2) Completely new features:
- Polls. You will be able to ask different questions, receive immediate feedback from your customers and make research you need in order to evolve your platform.
- Member ranking system. To encourage, motivate and engage your members, as well as develop your community.

3) Some upgrades are coming for both platforms:
- Disk usage is going to be visible for all creators to manage your space and resources.
- Broadcast messages will become more functional, with a bunch of new settings for you and your members.

4) Our brand new redesigns are also coming to push Ning to a new era not only functionally, but visually as well:
- redesign is live now and you can check it out on
- and Ning corporate blog will try out new outfits this quarter too.

5) New migration script. Those who would like to migrate from Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 to use more benefits would be able to do that easily.

6) System monitoring. 99,9% of uptime monitoring is now done, which gives us the opportunity to keep everything under control, and provide you with better and better service.

7) Hardware renovation plan, that our tech team is currently working on, is going to be ready by the end of Q2.

If you have any ideas on how to improve our service and you are willing to share your thoughts don't hesitate to email us at
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      • Dear Kyryl,

        Thank you for reading the comment and forwarding it to the management. It is a much needed features for countries like India, Pakistan and others. Yes, I know there is a provision of Paid access and I have tested it long before. Believe me, it does not work in countries like India where your members would like to see more ads than to pay from their own pocket.

        Let me explain the content of the second para, one of my member, posted a new forum post (discussion) and within the discussion (kindly consult problem part of the attachment) he/she have uploaded a copyright protected document. Now as uploading the copyrighted document is prohibited in our website, so as an administrator, I have not approved the forum post and deleted it. Now the problem with Ning is that though I have not approved the forum post rather deleted it the attachment within the forum post still available for others those who have the URL of the attachment and it is counted towards my storage and I dont have the tools to delete it from my sever. As an added problem, when the copyright holder will claim for the document through DMCA of Google, Google will stop indexing my pages. For example: I have uploaded one attachment as part of this comment. As an administrator of the Creator website, if you will decide to delete this comment the attachment will still be available through the web address and it will be counted towards my storage.

        • Hi there,

          Thanks for the explanation. And here is the good news for you, we already have had the suggestion to change the way how the removal of the files works on the platform and the management has made the decision to change the logic. So there is the task already in our plan and when it will be done I'll send you the email.


          Ning Team.

  • The updates are awesome and we Thank You for that!  What I did not see, is if there will be a price increase?  Will we have one more year at our current pricing as you get everything up to date?   

  • Hello! 

    To have all the functions of ning 2 means that they will also include the virtual gifs?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the question as I know this feature wasn't really popular so I'm not sure it will be added in the near future, anyway I have posted the suggestion to add virtual gifts on the 3.0 platform as well. 

      When the decision will be made I'll contact you back.


      Ning Team.

  • For whoever it was looking for member search on 3.0, have you tried adding a member map?  I have it on my member pages and trust me; if I can do it - anyone can do it.  They can easily zero in on their area and see who's closest or in a specific area.

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  • I think the biggest priority is the plans we have need a major change especially the storage limits. For instance the basic plan allows 1000 members with only 1gig of storage, now bearing in mind that 1gig is for ALL our data including emails, and with the addition of allowing video uploads and now we might have a music player we are going to run out of space really quickly even if you move upto the next plan of 10gig this is still not going to be enough. Only allowing 1gig of data these days to be honest is pretty poor. If you take a look at Mighty Networks ( part of Mighty Bell ) which lauched it's new platform recently the basic starter pack allows unlimited members and upto 300gig of storage, yes that's 300gig! oh and get this, it's FREE. Here is a link to their pricing if you want to check it out

    I have a site which I use for testing and will turn it into a community site soon so let's take my site as an example of storage space, it's the basic plan so I only get 1000 members and 1gig of storage.

    I have 5 Members, 8 Blogs, 153 Photos, 28 Videos 2 are uploads the rests links or embeds, 18 Events, 2 Discussion, 2 Articles. Now that is not a lot but I have used 321.64 MB (31%) of 1 GB used. Now let's imagine that it was a full blown members site with constant additions by members I would be out of space within a week. Ok so let's add the music feature, no chance with that as storage would be gone in a day or two.

    So let's take a look at the unltimate plan 100,000 members allowed but only 500gig of storage for £75 a month! The ratio between members and storage does not add up, if I only have 5 members and already used a 1/3 rd of storage how is 100,000 members going to servive with 500gig between them all.

    Now don't get me wrong I love Ning 3.0 because of the way can add all these multiple features of things but before we go into adding new designs and these features that allow members to upload more things the plans need to be fixed first so we can allow our members to use the new features. Again take a look around what other platforms offer for pricing and storage, you will see we are way below par to everyone else.

    Also I see in your new webpage design when you look at the pricing there are two parts which need an explaining further

    Ability to run ads : does this just mean we are allowed to add custom code to run ads or is there something I am missing which allows me to run ads from a feature included ? If it's just I can add my own custom code to show ads then this is a bit misleading.

    In this part it say's we have API Access, I did not think that was finished yet which is why we cannot signup to it to use ? Also there is no mention of it anywhere on our dashboards.


    You mention in the plans that we are going to be getting paid access back, now this is pointless until you get the ssl sorted out before hand. No one is going to fill in any credit card information whent he site is reporting back it's not secure and any information enter may be hacked. This SSL was announced by Google and IE  along long time ago and for sites to get ready for it, now I understand you guys have just only taken over Ning but this should be a priority to get sorted out before even considering adding paid access again.

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    • We had to shut our ning site down due to membership and money issues. Also it didn't look like Ning was going to be around for very long, but it is great that there is new life being pumped back in. The commitment to finishing the program by the new owners is promising. I have to agree with John though that with the new media features that the pricing plan and the low data storage is totally unrealistic. With our site dealing with ceramic village displays and collecting, members uploading pictures, videos and music would take a big chunk out of our storage. We probably wouldn't last for more than a few weeks, if that. Ning is going to have to sweeten the pot before we decide to come back.

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    • We may be jumping on them a lil bit, lets pull back. Im sure they know the issues and will have a team tackle them. They probably did not want to have to do the front of and redo it later.

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    • or the site owner will have to get it him/herself from their domain provder if they're going to use paid access.  *wink wink*  Ning's not going to want to pony up the cost.

      Mighty Networks: Get started, create your own Mighty Network for free today
      Everything you need to launch your own social network for your interest. Quickly set it up and watch it grow.
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