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Overview of Q2 2017

As we are stepping into the third quarter, it is time we share the results of Q2, 2017 with all our friends online.

We have made every effort to deliver the product plan we’ve announced before - and we have accomplished a great deal of it. Many of the features that we listed as ‘soon to come’ are now released, and we have already gathered first feedback from those who managed to take them for a test drive.

You may have noticed that we have made some changes to the product plan down the line - and released a lot of unscheduled updates, while postponing other announced features. In some cases, releasing new functionality was blocked by the problems with the existing code. Some features were shifted in priority in response to your requests. We also dedicated some of our time to updating 2.0 functionality, to make 2.0 users happy.

Our Q2 updates:

  1. Aligning Ning 3.0 and 2.0 functionality:

  • Paid Access is currently ready for beta testing. Many of you have requested Stripe integration, and this required extra work to be done.

  • Chats were released as promised. We have received a lot of feedback regarding this update, and we are now processing it.

  • We postponed the release of Audio, and instead implemented updates for 2.0 platform: Chats, Analytics, Groups and Events. The latter was a paid feature in some packages, which we now made free for all users.

2) Completely new features:

  • Analytics. You can now monitor and analyze every aspect of user activity on your network, to come up with the best engagement strategy and grow your community.

  • Search. Following your requests, we released the enhanced Search in place of Polls.

  • Member ranking system is still under development due to some technical issues.

3) Upgrades for both platforms:

  • Disc Usage. We have fixed the issues, so now data is gathered correctly. The interface for this feature is still in progress.  

  • Broadcast messages have been refactored. We will now focus on updating email delivery, tracking opens, analytics, and more. Stay tuned!

4) Website redesign:

  • has been redesigned, and is now live.

  • The design for and Ning Corporate Blog is ready, and our dev team is getting down to its implementation.

5) The migration script is still in progress as a result of the issues we faced in the code and across the platforms.

We would like to thank you all for understanding, support and feedback we have been receiving. We will be releasing the Q3 plan in a little while, so please follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( - and feel free to share your vision as to what we should make a priority! If you have any questions, our Support Team is here for you at and in live chat.


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  • How do I get the new chat.?  How do I get the new Broadcast message template?

    • Hi there!

      Please be informed that we haven't changed the user interface of the broadcast messages, the changes only have been made on the sending side in order to prepare it for the implementation of the new functionality, as click tracking etc hasn't been supposed by the previous developers.

      When the functionality would be complete we will release it on all networks and post the announcement here.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Thank-you for your consideration of using Stripe as a payment gateway. :)

    • Hi Jords,

      You are welcome. As you may see your feedback and the comments of other creators haven't been unnoticed, so please don't hesitate to share your feedback with us as it's really important for the development of the platform.


      Ning Team.

  • Hi Kyril ... I do not understand why postponing the audio ... the sound players ... something that can motivate participation ... sound postponed ... bad News


    • Hi Manuel,

      Alliance is right, we have lots of the feedbacks regarding the features that could be implemented or improved on our platform and almost all of them are amazing. Audio feature was postponed in order to release search functionality that has been awaited by so many creators so we simply had to release it in Q2.

      But no worries Audio feature is still in our plan.

      Please stay tuned in order not miss the announcement regarding the audio feature.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • Hola Kyryl ... el sonido podría salvar la situación ... confiamos ... que pronto se añadirá ... gracias Kyryl


    • I think they postponed it to get ideas from us and get it right. You and I gave good suggestions so now hopefully they will put them in for the next series of roll outs, but keep in mind others sites have sound as a low priority right now. There is so much to fix to make Ning fell like its 2017 ready. 

  • OMG on Broadcast messages!! All you need to do now is let us save some templates of our own and we can "Take over the world".

    Thank you NING Gods we bow in reverence.

    This is my priority list. ( I wish you started a survey or poll to collect this info )

    1. Member Ranking
    2. Broadcast Messages
    3. Migration Script
    4. 3rd party integrations like Wordpress (API Access)
    5. Polls
    6. Paid Access
    7. Disc Usage
    8. Audio (Strange that its last and i have a music site)

    Keep this kind of communication open as we are slowly feeling more and more better and confident everyday.

    • Hi there!

      Thanks for your kind words, and the suggestion related to the broadcast messages feature. It has been copied into the report and sent to the management, hope they would decide to add such option, as personally, I think it would be really convenient.

      Regarding the survey or poll, unfortunately, I cannot shed a lot of light on this but I think I can tell you that we are working on one thing that would serve for such purpose but it's on the early stage at the moment.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

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