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Overview of Q3 and Ning Q4 2017 plan.

Better late than never - here is the product plan Q3 overview and Plans for Q4.
As you might have noticed, all the promised features have been released. We did our best to keep the deadlines and fit your expectations.
So here are Q3 updates:

1. Paid Access is finally live. It is even more than just old Paid Access, it is a great e-commerce platform with Stripe and PayPal integration. For now it is only available for beta-group, so if you forgot to ask for beta access, don’t miss your chance till Nov 3d.
2. Audio feature is live. Now you can easily create playlists, audio lessons, add audio tracks, podcasts, and any mp3 files. The feature has got a completely new design, which we think looks awesome.
3. Polls. Completely new feature for Ning, only available for Ning 3.0. Using Polls all Ning NCs can easily get up to date feedback from Network members.
4. The Design Studio got a few new templates, a bunch of new fonts and backgrounds to make it more user-friendly and provide flexibility of options you have in order to make your network modern and unique even without coding skills.
5. SSL certification had been implemented for all ning domain names.

Keeping in mind that we are living in the era of mobile devices all new features have been developed in a way so they would look great on mobile devices.

You could not miss how the Creators network changed, which is completely Kyryl’s merit, as is the new guide for Facebook integration.

And now as for the next steps, we are going to make:

1. Member ranking system
2. E-commerce platform wider development (donations, network membership, groups)
3. MailChimp Integration
4. SSL for custom domains, completely automated process.
5. Push notifications

Besides, there are lots of other improvements on the way, more related to back end, like the rework of the activity feed architecture and migration script (these are just the biggest ones so we simply can't help but highlight them).

As always we are happy to receive feedback from you, so feel free to drop us a line.

Sincerely yours,
Ning Team.

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              • Hello!

                It is usually just "home" by default, but you can put basically anything. 

                Regarding the Activity Feed - could you please specify, what updates are missing? Cause I tested it a bit and seems like new comments, status updates and uploads appear on the feed. 

                Best regards,

                The NING Team

                • It's working now, Anastasia, it wasn't working for the last 4 days - and now the old posts that were invisible  before showed up. So whatever glitch there was, has fixed. I will keep an eye on it. Thank you.

                  • Hello!

                    Please let me know if you notice any missing updates again, we will check it with Tech Team. Thank you for keeping us updated :)

                    Best regards,

                    The NING Team

                    • Very grateful to you.

        • Thank you, Anastasia!


          Sorry to say but the Latest Activity feed is in a funk again - it does not display most things. Is this happening to others too? Or something I have wrong? All the best.

  • Hello! What about emojis ?

    • Hi!

      Unfortunately, our platforms are not compatible with emojis at the moment. We definitely plan on bringing them in the future, but it is not one of the high priority tasks. 

      Bets regards,

      The NING team

  • Hi Ning Team,


    Where can I view a list of Featured Members on my site? I featured some a long time ago but cannot remember who and I want to set up a Private forum for Featured Members only. Thank you.

    • Hi!

      You can check the list of the featured members here -

      Best regards.

      The NING Team

      weaving sacred inspiration, insight and inquiry......
      • Thank you Anastasia, I swear that Featured Members tab wasn't there a while ago...haha

This reply was deleted.

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