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SSL certificate feature release

Hi everyone!

Many of you have been waiting for us to launch the new SSL certificate feature - so here it is! The migration process will be performed in several stages. Currently the feature is available for 3.0 networks only.

The migration of the networks with * domain name is automatic, and has already begun. Hopefully, by the end of the next week the process of mass implementation will be completed. The networks with custom domain names will soon follow.

As a second step later this year, we will focus on 2.0 networks. We are already working on transferring these networks to HTTPS protocol, and everyone willing to volunteer in the testing process is welcome to contact our Support team to sign up.

Here are a few things an SSL certificate will help you with:
- safeguard your website from hackers, phishing, eavesdropping, man-in-middle-attack, and sniffing attacks
- keep sensitive information that is sent across the Internet encrypted, so that only the target recipient can use it
- protect sensitive information, such as customer names, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card numbers
- receive ranking advantage in search engines placement, since Google has recently updated its algorithm and added HTTPS as a ranking signal
- become more secure and trustworthy to the customer who wants to deal with a verified company and keep their personal information private.

These will help you ensure that your network gets more trust, which will ultimately bring more users to your community.

Thank you for your feedback on the importance of having an SSL certificate, and your active comments about Ning platform improvement.

Kindest regards,
Ning team

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      • Thanks, Kyryl.  I did receive an email, but when it didn't show as coming from the domain, I opened a support ticket to confirm it was legitimate.  The people who handled that support ticket didn't seem to understand what this discussion was about.  They wrote that because our 2.0 domain did not have a custom domain, they could not assist me.  [See your closed ticket 1879881.]

        I now have several users who cannot log into our site using Chrome.  Is NING able to invoke https for NING 2.0 networks that do not have a custom domain?  If so, please advise on how we may turn the feature on for our site. 

        • Hi there!

          As I see you don't have the domain mapping activated for your network. If you are planning to use the custom domain please let me know (as the procedure of obtaining of the SSL for custom domains is a bit different ), however, if you are going to use the native one with at the end you can enable https encryption on the domain mapping tab. Just tick "Yes" where it's written "Use SSL for your Network" and save the changes.

          Best wishes,

          Ning Team.

      • NC for Hire

        Hey Kyryl  ,   could you add to the list for 2.0 SSL   

        i would love to be migrated to my 3.0, so if you believe that the migration script might be ready before the 2.0 SSL, please let me know this as well.   I'm kinda stuck in the 2.0 until the migration.  Thank you

  • Hi there, we'd love to volunteer our 2.0 network for any security updates:

    Classroom Solutions
    The Classroom Solutions teacher community gives you access to trusted teaching resources to enhance learning. Brought to you by Pearson.
    • Hi there!

      Thanks for your willing to help. We are acollecting all such requests, and when ther would be a beta test of the ssl on Ning 2.0 we would contact the chosen networks with instructions regarding the test itself and to obtain the final agreement to perform the test, so I have saved the name of your network for this purpose and when developers would be choosing the participants I'll show your network to them.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      Classroom Solutions
      The Classroom Solutions teacher community gives you access to trusted teaching resources to enhance learning. Brought to you by Pearson.
      • Thank you.  Hope this rolls out quickly as I have already received notification from Google saying that from October they will be displaying notifications that the site is not secure.

        Chrome will show security warnings on

        To owner of,

        Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a 'NOT SECURE' warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page, and for all HTTP pages in Incognito mode.

        Classroom Solutions
        The Classroom Solutions teacher community gives you access to trusted teaching resources to enhance learning. Brought to you by Pearson.
  • I would like one for my site :)
    • Hi Jennifer,

      As I have mentioned in the comments before, the SSL for custom domains would be available a little bit later. We will make an announcement here on creators when the beta test procedure would be finished. Meanwhile, you can contact your registrar and get all necessary information regarding purchasing of SSL etc just to be prepared for the future. However please don't purchase it yet for your domain as in such case you could lose some money as usual such certificates are valid for one year and if it wouldn't be applied to your network soon after the purchase you could lose some purchased time.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • When do my network get this?


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