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Update on May Service Disruptions

Spanning the last few weeks, Ning Networks across both our 2.0 and 3.0 platforms have experienced sporadic access and connectivity issues.  These issues have had two causes:
1.  High Loads on Specific Server Clusters:  During specific networks’ peak loads, the cluster of servers housing those networks can be unable to process new customer requests in a timely manner, resulting in timeouts or 500 errors.  These networks have been identified, and we’re working with those Network Creators to better manage resources during these peak loads.  We are also implementing system changes on our back-end to reduce the likelihood of this occurring in the future.
2.  Scheduled Back-end Maintenance:  As a result of some Network Creators running into issues connecting to their networks or any other Ning Network or while traffic was being routed through one of our primary internet service providers (ISPs), we switched providers to ensure access for all of our Network Creators.  Back-end maintenance scheduled to switch from one service provider to another resulted in the outage seen on May 13.  While our on-call team restored service, some lingering, albeit intermittent, connectivity issues remained for some Network Creators.  Currently, you may see these issues manifest on your network as uploaded images not saving, members being unable to sign in, posts or changes not saving, slow loading, or delayed or missing notifications/messages.  
Once these issues are resolved, we’ll continue to closely monitor the system to ensure there aren’t any further connection issues.  During our next back-end maintenance window, we will implement additional configuration enhancements to ensure peak platform performance.  Should any of this back-end maintenance work have user-facing effects, we will notify you of the maintenance window, scheduled during low traffic hours, as we have done in the past.
We understand how important platform performance and uptime are for you and your members, and we apologize for the impact and scope of the disruption of service the past few weeks.  Our engineers have been working tirelessly to resolve these issues, and we appreciate your continued patience as they continue to do so.  
We’ll be updating here as we have new information to share and hope to have everything completely resolved soon.

Update 5/26: Our engineers have resolved the larger network issues due to the ISP switch, so you’ll now be able to add images/files, sign in to, save changes and posts on your network. Outgoing messages and notifications are no longer held up or delayed. Our team has also resolved the separate issue of intermittent 500 errors. We’ll continue to make back-end improvements to prevent similar service disruptions in the future. If you’re still seeing any error messages on your network, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket from your Dashboard or here.  

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