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Your improved Activity Feed: Now Live

Want to see what it looks like? Read the Help Center article.

I'm excited to announce that the new Activity Feed, which we've previously talked about here and here, is set to go live early next week.

Here's a recap of everything that's in this release:

  • Members can post a Status from the Main Page
  • Members can comment and like photos, videos, blog posts, and statuses inline from the Activity Feed
  • The Activity Feed has a cleaner UI that makes it easier for members to interact with content in the feed
  • Videos are playable inline from the Activity Feed, and photo thumbnails are larger

Please note that all of these changes will automatically take effect on your Ning Network when this enhancement is released to everyone next week. There will not be a switch to revert back to the old version.

We know many of you are excited to get early access to this feature, and we'll be selectively enabling it on networks throughout the week. If you'd like early access, please fill out this form.

These improvements will increase engagement across the entire Ning Platform and will make the Activity Feed a much better feature. We've already heard a lot of great ideas around how we can make the Activity Feed even better, including an option to See More items, see new items that have come up since you loaded the page, and the option to add photos, videos, and other content directly to the Activity Feed. We're considering additional improvements based on all of your feedback and are excited to hear more feedback as we roll out the new Activity Feed!

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  • Great plans! I can post a status from the main page but it is not shown, allthough all features are turned "on".

    Cant comment from the activity feed yet. Seems we are not life yet. When do you expect the changes to go life?


    • Check your profile settings to make sure visibility is set to All Members or Anyone and post a status update again.
  • Sorry, I don't.
  • Great! Glad to hear it.
  • Thanks for clarifying, Roberto. I notice your network is really new. Have you already posted content on your network or have your members posted photos or videos or discussions, etc.? Just want to make sure I understand. Is there new content that's not displaying, or do you not see the Latest Activity at all?
  • Two things:

    1) casting my vote for shutting off the detail of the comments left on a person's profile page to be showing up on latest activites. Please put it back to only a notice saying "so and so left a comment on xyz's page"


    2) I left a comment on a blog page from the main page and the comment did not show up on the top of the latest activities list. Yet, when I went to the blog tab and left a comment on the very same blog post, that comment appeared on latest activities. Is that the new design or is that an error? Shouldn't the comment populate the latest activity list regardless of where I posted it?





  • Go to your main page and click the little "edit" immediately above the activity feed. Select more than zero items to be displayed. Then click "Set what activity gets displayed" and make sure some stuff is turned on. Then make some noise, wait up to 10 mins and see if anything appears.
  • Love this!


    Thank you!

    • Hey, Roberto. You should see it in the Features Layout section. Look for it on the left and drag it onto the area on your Main Page layout where you want it to appear.
  • It does appear to affect font size across the board on your latest activity feed.  It seems to control the relative size that all fonts in this family use.  I have mine set to 14 which makes all of the text large enough to read as it was too small before.  If your LA is not in the main column and is in one of the skinny columns, you may have to use the CSS code below instead:

    .activity-feed-skinny, .content-comment, .status-update {
    font-size: 14px;


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