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St. James


October 16

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Lott-O-Luck is an exciting, interactive lottery game for the millions of subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media networks. Each week, Lott-O-Luck Players are given one of the following exciting challenges to accomplish: Mystery Location Mystery Person Mystery Drink Mystery Meal Treasure Hunt Holiday Game Travellers Challenge Spot The ??? Pet Trick Trivia Quizzes Etc During the each game, the Game Master gives Lotto-O-Luck Players clues to help them accomplish the challenge. The first Lott-O-Luck Player(s) to successfully complete the challenge is the winner, and will receive a prize. Prizes are in the following categories: Travel/Holiday Products Hospitality Products Electronics Gadgets Computers Appliances Fashion Products Beauty Care Products Automobile Products Food/Drinks Services Etc


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