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San Francisco, CA


November 17

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I'm Ernie, and I'm the Lead Developer Evangelist at Ning. But I also have some Ning Networks of my own (not affiliated with Ning the company, of course.)

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  • Hi NING Admin,

    I wish to open my account but NING block my network . How can i manage my network & message all my members that our network will be deleted soon? The deadline is now approaching, and maybe if carried away by emotion we will let it disappear! NING is too much strick with the their network. How can we help the world of hunger if that's our mentality? Dollars in here is to heavy & the Exchange rate is to high. It's a BIG blow for Filipinos who are not working in the United States. Remember, we're not in the US, so let us not treat equally! The site is very educational compared to others who offered a free network! Actually, we can pay that but the problem now is we can't eat anymore. We're just trying for a MINI PLAN but still clarifying our BA as of this time.

    Arkitext Centre
  • Hi
    I`m going to send email to all ning developer to fix our problem cause you do not respond us in help center and even i cannot make new ticket ! . Anyway, we still have got a problem in loading member page`s background ,layout , header,etc. and Akamai cannot help us in this case, what should we do now to making member pages problems fixed?

  • Hey Ernie -- great to meet you in Austin!
  • I just posted the link on my discussion you commented on....I have taken out the top friends....
  • NC for Hire
    Okay, here's what we have. I went ahead and implemented the 1 row. I had forgotten to include overflow:hidden. And, when I installed your code it wouldn't work, although it worked in FF environment. All we needed was !important on the height, as follows (due to my other CSS). BTW, it appears to be working in FF and IE. I haven't checked in other browsers, yet.

    Thanks again Ernie!

    the /* move activity box down on home page */
    .xg_module.xg_module_activity.column_1 {padding-top:100px;!important;}
    /* widen member module on home page */
    .xg_module.module_members {width:741px!important; overflow:hidden; height:90px!important;}
  • NC for Hire
    Are you kidding, LOL?! Your response time was awesome! Thank you!

    Looks like you use the same methods I do. :-) The screen shot is most helpful. Great job Ernie! I can't wait to implement this.

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
  • NC for Hire
    Hi Ernie!
    Thanks so much for your time and thoughts on this. I'll try your tweaks. Yeah, on your question: "Have you tried Firebug to dynamically tinker with CSS?" I do everything this way. In fact my favorite way is using the Developer's add-on with edit CSS. That's even more powerful than "Inspect Element". That's how I got as far as I did, LOL. And I was aware of the avatar calculations, just couldn't figure out how to simulate the process. I think your suggestions may just do the trick. I'm a bit tired to try tonight. But, I will definitely give it a go. I'll let you know what happens.

    You're great to assist me with something like this. I don't take your time lightly.
    Thanks again!
  • NC for Hire
    Hi Ernie,
    I had to remove the test code. I had a couple of members asking why their featured member icon wasn't showing - - oops. ;-)
  • NC for Hire
    Hi Ernie,
    I've been trying for a while today to make something work. Since you offered, I will ask. ;-) I would like to display the member module on home page, across the width of 2 columns. I figured out how to do this, with one significant issue. I can't figure out how to populate the 2 columns with the maximum # of member avatars. Is this possible?

    Here's the CSS I wrote to fill 2 columns, and move down my Latest Activity to make room.
    /* move activity box down on home page */
    .xg_module.xg_module_activity.column_1 {padding-top:175px;!important;}
    /* widen member module on home page */
    .xg_module.module_members {width:741px!important;}

    No biggie, if this can't be done. I don't want you to spend much time on this. I'm sure you are very busy. If it's easy, then great.
    Thanks in advance,
  • NC for Hire
    Hi Ernie,
    I appreciate that offer very much! I've been writing CSS for years, but some of your tutorials within the Ning platform, I would have never figured out, without you. ;-) For example: the cool example of the wide text box using 2 text boxes - - very nice tip.
    Thanks again. It's fun to know I have someone around to brainstorm with, if needed.
    Happy Holidays,
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