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July 10

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  • Hi - Any idea how can I make a certain category of users to be paying for their membership?!

    In general I have "users", "verified users" and "moderator". But now, I want to create a category of users who can create events on the 'Events Page', but to pay for each event they create and publish. They should not have access to other pages, or to be able to communicate directly with users. They will pay for each event created, and not for a certain duration, such as monthly payment.

    Appreciate feedback and solutions.

  • Hi Sam,

    Thanks for getting back to us.

    Yep, the wish list is pretty big, we are gathering all the suggestions from all the communication sources that we have, also we have our own ideas but they all are in low priority as the thoughts of creators have bigger value for us.

    Regarding the search, we already have such suggestion so I have added your vote there with the link to your profile on creators, so when the decision would be made I'll notify you about our plans. However, as I see there were a lot of requests to implement the advanced search so it has already been noticed by the management, but still, the procedure of the new feature implementation even on this stage is pretty complicated and they have to keep in mind all pros and cons and discuss everything with the head developers before the decision would be finally made.

    So as been mentioned before once I receive the positive (I truly hope the decision would be positive) or negative reply to that suggestion I'll let everybody know here on creators as usual.

    Thanks for your patience regarding this matter.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

  • Thanks Kyryl for visiting our website and liking it! Highly appreciate your compliments....

    My main concern has been advanced search function and had been waiting for it for quite sometime! I know you guys are working on long wishlist in coming months and I am happy now Ning is no more an orphan product...
  • Hi there!

    You have written that you are looking for the answers, maybe we will be able to help you somehow?

    You can contact me in private or if you wish to discuss your question with other creators you can post the new discussion or post the comment under existing one if it corresponds to your question.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    P.S. I should admit your network looks nice, especially that picture with doctors on the landing (home) page for some reason I like it much

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