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Why should I migrate?


NING 3.0 boasts a plethora of advantages and quality improvements over the previous version of the platform. These include:


  1. Advanced customization
  • You will have more themes and more tools to customize the design of your network. 
  • A newly integrated Landing Page Builder will help you design a professional landing page that could serve as a homepage for your network.


  1. Better control over your website and content
  • Customize the structure of any page and add the desired features in a couple of clicks.
  • Create multiple instances of each feature (blogs, forums, videos, etc.).
  • Allow or disallow network members to use specific features based on their member category.
  • Get more flexibility when structuring your network and make it easier for your members to find and access the content they need.


  1. Flexible privacy control

Decide who can contribute content to your network and use its specific feature instances.


  1. Mobile responsiveness by default

Since most traffic comes from mobile devices nowadays, your website needs to adjust to different screen sizes. Also, mobile responsiveness is one of the major SEO factors that influence your network rankings on search engines.


  1. SEO features

Due to frequent changes in SEO regulations, NING 2.0 was lacking SEO functionality for a long time. Meanwhile, NING 3.0 offers SEO tools to help you improve the online visibility of your network.


  1. Advanced eCommerce

With NING 3.0, you can monetize content, accept donations, or set up multi-level membership scenarios in which different member categories have different access rights for adding/viewing content.


  1. Advanced API

The next-gen API provides users with more flexibility in terms of advanced customization and scalability.


  1. Polls

Launching polls and surveys allow you to get feedback from your members on different topics.


  1. Greater development potential

Newer versions of the product will be compatible with NING 3.0 networks only, offering even broader possibilities for customization and scalability. 


  1. Regular updates

While the development of NING 2.0 has been stopped, NING 3.0 gets constant improvements and updates.


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        • great thoughts...completely agree....

          3 NING 2.0 Sites
        • Hi Steve, Any chance I could hire your programmer?
          • Hi Scott,
            Yes. His name is Mario. He's on Freelancer:
            Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs
            I'm a web and software developer and information security analyst with more than 7 years of experience. I learned to be creative in my designs w…
            • is there anyone that has successfully exported their content from ning 2.0 or 3.0 and how and who please please
            • Thank you Steve!
  • We would like to migrate but the cost is putting us off. We have 1000+ members on our Ning 2.0 Plus network which has a limit of 10,000. The Ning 3.0 basic network has a limit of 1,000 members for a similar price, so we'd need to lose some members. If we migrate to Ning 3.0 Performance (up to 10,000 members) then we will have to pay nearly three times as much.

    Is anyone else in a similar position?
    • i have been on Ning 2.0 for over 10 years, we have over 3400 members as a non profit in Africa, it is a bit clunky and I regularly have problems with low end phone users trying to join, but not interested in paying more for a sleeker version that's not much different.
    • I would assume it would be more due to storage than members
    • It is a concern for us to. We have 960 members and use 9.6 gigs of storage. It would not be long till we would have to pay significantly more. Our budget is pretty tight so the price may be what prevents us from migrating.
  • Does Ning 3 have live chat for the members as does Ning 2?
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