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Announcement Regarding Today's Outage

As some of you may be aware, we experienced a system outage earlier this morning. The cause was due to a specific network configuration change that was made during our network maintenance window.  Once we identified the issue, we quickly took corrective actions to restore service.

As a result of this outage, coupled with the sporadic system 500 errors we've experienced over the last month, we are taking the following actions: 

  • We have kicked off a new Ning Environment System Upgrade Project. 
  • Ning Interactive will invest in network hardware, servers, system/network redundancy and redesign the overall system architecture to stabilize the Ning application environment. 
  • Once these upgrades are in place, we expect to have 100% system uptime coupled with improved overall system and network performance.  
  • Our timeline to complete this project is December 31, 2016. 

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  • Ning is much better now. Thanks new management!

  • Pessoal visitem minha REDE

  • Estamos precisando de lixeiras e o comando para excluir postagens de terceiros. tenho tido dificuldade em manter as Comunidades devido a muitas ferramentas que a NING não dispõe. Bem como o CHAT na plataforma 3.0.
    ainda não entendi porque o modelo 2.0 possui e a nova não!

  • Thank you! That's what I like to hear, keep up the good work.

  • Our community members could not/can not post replies to start up posts in our community network or scroll to subsequent pages of comments on any given post... presumably because of the problems you describe in this post. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

    P.S. Thanks for the communication Ning. This is new and welcomed.

    • Jerrod we did, for days but if you clear your browsers cache, it should be cleared up now.  Everything was functioning properly last night when I tested it in Chrome and Firefox.

      • That seemed to do the trick (hopefully). Thanks Kos for your quick reply.

  • Good news! Thanks for your effort.

  • Thanks Ning!!

  • NC for Hire

    Sounds like a solid plan, to me. Thank you for the update.

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