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Mention feature

Long awaited @ mention feature is now available on all Ning 3.0 networks.

When you are writing a comment and would like to tag someone else, simply type the @ sign and then begin typing their name. You will see suggestions based on what you've typed.

When you click the correct account, it will appear as a hyperlink in your comment that will link to the person's profile.


Once you post the comment, tagged people will receive an email notification.

The @ mention option is available in the comment section only if you enable HTML:


We hope this feature will bring more engagement and interaction to your NING communities!



the NING team


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  • Great news. Two questions.  Are you planning to implement on-screen notification as a replacement for or alternative to email notification?  That would be a huge step forward.

    And is there a list somewhere of the new features that you're currently working to implement?

    • Hi Ann,
      I'm sorry for so late response!

      The on-screen notification is a great feature to implement. 
      I think that it would be not so easy to implement it in a web application, but there should be a technical way of doing that.
      Thank you for your suggestion, we will definitely consider adding this functionality as an alternative way of receiving notifications.

      Yes, of course, we do have such a list. I think every company has it. 
      I would be glad to share it with our customers, but, you see, sometimes it takes more time than expected to implement something, or there is something that requires more urgent attention appears. 
      We would rather notify you about features that are already implemented than about something that we're currently working on. I hope for your understanding. 

      P.S: I'm not sure if it is a good idea to share this, because you guys would blame me afterwards if something goes wrong. According to the information I have, we're currently working on implementing the mobile application. I think this would be a way to implement many highly-requested features including the on-screen notifications.
      Just a little insight from me, hope I won't get fired :)

      Kind regards,
      The Ning Team

  • NC for Hire


    i would be happy if you are mentioned brother by email
  • NC for Hire

    no email after the tag to the person if they don't enter the site ... so it's a 404 error

  • Interesting, although it would have been better to not to have to enable the html as you may not want them to add or use the options by turning on the html funtions. This could of course be hidden with code to stop that though but would be nice to not have to do that. Also because we cannot enable html on the activity feed it can't be used when adding status updates on the feed.

    Your going in the right direction but could have been better.

    • Bizz  it would of been better to just have the notification on the site so ppl can check their alerts

  • Bravo!!!!  I would "vote" on your story but it's not working in Firefox.

This reply was deleted.

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