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Overview of Q3 and Ning Q4 2017 plan.

Better late than never - here is the product plan Q3 overview and Plans for Q4.
As you might have noticed, all the promised features have been released. We did our best to keep the deadlines and fit your expectations.
So here are Q3 updates:

1. Paid Access is finally live. It is even more than just old Paid Access, it is a great e-commerce platform with Stripe and PayPal integration. For now it is only available for beta-group, so if you forgot to ask for beta access, don’t miss your chance till Nov 3d.
2. Audio feature is live. Now you can easily create playlists, audio lessons, add audio tracks, podcasts, and any mp3 files. The feature has got a completely new design, which we think looks awesome.
3. Polls. Completely new feature for Ning, only available for Ning 3.0. Using Polls all Ning NCs can easily get up to date feedback from Network members.
4. The Design Studio got a few new templates, a bunch of new fonts and backgrounds to make it more user-friendly and provide flexibility of options you have in order to make your network modern and unique even without coding skills.
5. SSL certification had been implemented for all ning domain names.

Keeping in mind that we are living in the era of mobile devices all new features have been developed in a way so they would look great on mobile devices.

You could not miss how the Creators network changed, which is completely Kyryl’s merit, as is the new guide for Facebook integration.

And now as for the next steps, we are going to make:

1. Member ranking system
2. E-commerce platform wider development (donations, network membership, groups)
3. MailChimp Integration
4. SSL for custom domains, completely automated process.
5. Push notifications

Besides, there are lots of other improvements on the way, more related to back end, like the rework of the activity feed architecture and migration script (these are just the biggest ones so we simply can't help but highlight them).

As always we are happy to receive feedback from you, so feel free to drop us a line.

Sincerely yours,
Ning Team.

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    • Hi there!

      Only number 4 is related to both platforms, all other features would be implemented on 3.0 according to the plan, well MailChimp integration is already working :-)

      Bets regards,

      Ning Team.

  • I would like to recommend two features that are crucial for my survival,
    1. Provision of displaying advertisement (automatic way) in between blog post and forum posts.

    Here is a description: In the developing countries many network creators are dependent on advertisement and not on donation or membership subscription. Though we can put adsense ads in some areas by using the existing features but there is huge gap in between contents and advertisement and as a result these are hardly noticed by the user. The result is low income. However, if we can put it along with the content or in the middle of the content they the Click through rate will be more and it will drastically increase our revenue. In such cases event network creators can bear the cost of the Ning subscription from the advertisement alone.

    2. Able to Retrieve more than 10 items in the RSS feed of Events.
    Here is a description: We used to post seminar / conference details under events. As on today, my event RSS only display events scheduled to be held before December, 2, 2017. Now Take for example, if there is a seminar scheduled to be held on December 29, 2017 that's last date of paper submission is: November 29, 2017 is posted under the event. Then it will not appear in RSS as RSS only includes latest 10 events and I have already ten events before December 2, 2017 and when it will appear over the RSS fedd the last date of paper submission will be already over. My all members are completely fed up with this type of late notification. So, for the time-being when an event is posted in my site and if it does not apper over the RSS, I have to mannualy copy the details of the event and send it through boradcast features, but its a time consuming job and I am looking for a solution for this.

    • Hi there!

      1. I do remember this suggestion, you have posted it here before. And I have good news for you, the management has included in our plans, but unfortunately, they haven't mentioned when it would be done. I guess we would have to finish the task with the higher priorities first, however, if there would be any changes made to the blogs or forums functionalities this task might be completed together with other changes.

      2. I'll create the suggestion to increase the number of the items in RSS feed for events on 2.0, and when there would be any reply from the management I'll let you know about their decision no matter whether it's positive or not.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • Thank you. Forwarding the suggestion itself means a lot to me.
    • If you're using Nings RSS feed (on 3.0), you can display up to 24 items

      • Thank you. I will definately check this. Can I have an example of Ning 3.0 site where there are more than 10 upcoming events. Sorry I am unable to find one by myself.
        • Hi there!

          I have created around 30 test events, and you can check them here. As I remember on 3.0 RSS feed generates up to 30 items, so you may find all the events I have posted in this feed

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          - event
          itsaverytestnetwork is a social network
          • Dear Kyryl,

            Thank you for taking the trouble to post 30 test events. I have check the feed and I really feel more than happy to see a feature in action that I desperately need to run my network. No words to express my gratitude. This feature will help a considerable amount of time in managing my network.

            Now I am only looking for a feature that will help me to put Adsense code in between content i.e. blog, forum and so on.

            Ning can also think of incorporating data input validation in the Profile Question so that in future we can use this platform to run our alumni network of universities and colleges. I am sure this feature will open up a wider applicability of using Ning to a whole lot of activities around us.

            - event
            itsaverytestnetwork is a social network
            • Hi Badan,

              You are always welcome :-) I do agree with you that inbuilt functionalities are working better as well, as they are getting executed on the side of the server and not on the client side like it works with the JS, used to insert Adsense. However, as I have mentioned already this task has been included in the development plan, and should be implemented in the future.

              Sincerely yours,

              Ning Team.

              - event
              itsaverytestnetwork is a social network
            • Badam fwiw back in the "old days" we could purchase codes from other Creators, such as you say, to insert ads inside the forum and blog posts.  They were for 2.0 websites so you would just insert your Google data-ad-client code and data-ad-slot code to the Custom Code and you were good to go . 

              Now the <div> names and layouts are a bit different now for 3.0 and javascript codes would have to be altered.  You can try to contact JenSocial or SweetPotato to see if they're still available and have been updated for 3.0.  I'm uncertain if they'll be free or if you'll have to pay a donation.  Good luck!

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