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Ready to Migrate? Phase One is Here!

Last week, we started taking Ning 2.0 to 3.0 migration requests from Network Creators that participated in our Sandbox program. This week, we are excited to announce that we are ready to open up migration to anyone who has been so patiently waiting for it. Phase One migration is on!

To upgrade your network, simply submit this migration request form

Migration Process Overview

After you submit your migration request, a member of the Advocacy team will become your personal migration guide. He or she will work on copying your Ning 2.0 Network's data over to Ning 3.0. When the migration process is complete, your migration guide will ask you to review the content and publish it onto your new 3.0 Network. For a more detailed explanation of the process, check out this guide on What to Expect when You’re Migrating.

At this time, we can automatically migrate members, blogs, forums, photos, groups, and everything outlined on this page from your Ning 2.0 into your new Ning 3.0 site.

If you would like to back up any content that can’t be automatically migrated to Ning 3.0, we recommend using the Ning Network Archiver.

If your current Ning 2.0 network utilizes features that are on our Ning 3.0 product roadmap, then you might want to wait until a later phase of migration, as other types of content will be available for migration in a future phase. 

Helpful Links

If you are wondering what this whole migration thing is about, please check out our original announcement: Ning 3.0 – The Re-Imaginging of our Product and Feature Improvements to see what’s still to come.

Have other questions about Ning 3.0 or the Migration Process? Check out the Ning 3.0 FAQs and the Upgrading to Ning 3.0 FAQs

Do I have to migrate right now?

Short answer: nope! Not yet. We noted last year when we launched Ning 3.0 that all Ning 2.0 customers would need to upgrade to Ning 3.0 at some point, and would have at least a year from the availability of the migration tools to do so. If you'd prefer to wait for a later phase of migration—either because you aren't ready yet, or you're waiting for more features to be released for Ning 3.0—you're more than welcome to upgrade during a later phase of the migration process.

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  • Is there a target date to migrate ning pages with more then 13,000 members, at this point in time, or in the near future?  

    We do prefer to wait until later to be sure all material is backed up and carried over properly.  Thanks  wramsite  ning 2.0  


    • Mystic, aside from their stated July activity feed update, there are no target dates from Ning.  if you don't want to lose your videos and events, then you need to wait until 3.0 has those features.  Frankly, that seems to be in the not near future, as those features are not in the planning stage and are not being worked on yet by Ning.  Current migrations seem to have inconsistent results.  My advice is to wait until features are completed and migration smoothed out better.  Meanwhile, use your Ning Archiver tool to keep back up your site content periodically.

  • I'd like to consider migrating from 2.0 to 3.0.  My network is  I also wish to change the network name to  Please advise.

    • You should most likely file a ticket with your request as it seems Ning is no longer moderating these forums and they will not see your inquiry here.  Best of luck

  • I will just add one word here- Beware!

    Well.. a few more words- I am sticking with my 2.0- my stats are back (almost) normal and my members are coming back...All because I can now broadcast information to my members... Wish I could have all my money back for trying to turn crap into something that works...

    • Suzie, unfortunately Ning 2 won't be around for ever so at some point we need to grab the bull by the horns so to speak and get our heads round it....Can you be more specific about the problems you encountered with broadcasting information...Thanks!

      • I have been told that I have at min. one year...

        No problems with broadcasting- the ability to share simply does NOT exist as an option on 3.0. My political news site requires the ability to share headline news/urgent actions with members. The 3.0 has absolutely no way to"Share" post-period-Nings answer to me was the also non functioning follow button...How does a member follow a discussion if they do not know it exists!

        Kos and I had such terrible problems such as  the fact that as admin -I was never able to access the design studio! We could not work on the website. And we were loud about these issues- I have saved well over one hundred emails regarding all items that did not function- we were told these issues were Unique to my site! It was such a mess I demanded my 2.0 back and they gave it to me!

        I spent over $1,000 in tech fees- besides monthly fees trying to get that site to function correctly.

        3.0 offers a few items that are pretty cool... But I am spending my 2.0 time to search out alternates... because I have come to the conclusion that Ning has become a disposable asset to Mode Social- they bought it ot glean the info they wanted the customer was never a concern ot them.. my gut tells me this is true- I have no other evidence- but my gut is 99.9% right all the time! SO I am going with that in mind...

        Good Luck,


        • My Sandbox is still in the experiemental stage but any new discussions show up on the main page in latest activity and there is a follow button on each new discussion too.....I think the feature that is worrying me the most is the groups, I cant see how they can migrate over succesfully as the whole format is different!

          • Well,  if you do not need to "Share" your posts and if you are happy with those features -go for it! I had John set up my groups hub so I personally am not the one to ask..

            Good Luck

            • There is no share, every member has to come in and click on the follow button to actually get any updates, no broadcast, no events, no activity feed properly working, photos are weird etc...

              A shell and long overdue for completion, not to mention them saying no one will be on here to answer questions or monitor shows lack of care or understanding of their old Ning customers.

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