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SSL certificate feature release

Hi everyone!

Many of you have been waiting for us to launch the new SSL certificate feature - so here it is! The migration process will be performed in several stages. Currently the feature is available for 3.0 networks only.

The migration of the networks with * domain name is automatic, and has already begun. Hopefully, by the end of the next week the process of mass implementation will be completed. The networks with custom domain names will soon follow.

As a second step later this year, we will focus on 2.0 networks. We are already working on transferring these networks to HTTPS protocol, and everyone willing to volunteer in the testing process is welcome to contact our Support team to sign up.

Here are a few things an SSL certificate will help you with:
- safeguard your website from hackers, phishing, eavesdropping, man-in-middle-attack, and sniffing attacks
- keep sensitive information that is sent across the Internet encrypted, so that only the target recipient can use it
- protect sensitive information, such as customer names, phone numbers, addresses, and credit card numbers
- receive ranking advantage in search engines placement, since Google has recently updated its algorithm and added HTTPS as a ranking signal
- become more secure and trustworthy to the customer who wants to deal with a verified company and keep their personal information private.

These will help you ensure that your network gets more trust, which will ultimately bring more users to your community.

Thank you for your feedback on the importance of having an SSL certificate, and your active comments about Ning platform improvement.

Kindest regards,
Ning team

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  • Any update on this? I've received the following notice from Google:

    Starting October 2017, Chrome (version 62) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP page, and for all HTTP pages in Incognito mode.

    I assume this means that the form to join our community (on Ning 2.0) will see a NOT SECURE message. 

    Happy to help test the solution.

    • Hi Marry,

      Right now we are planning to implement SSL for all networks in November. Also, please note that if you have the custom domain you will need to buy SSL certificate and ask us to set it up to your network once we will be ready to do that.

      Best regards,
      The Ning Team

      • Thank you Ning! So happy to hear that in November we can get our custom domains certified! I am launching in January and that would be so embarrassing for my site to show not secure warning. I appreciate all you are trying to do to make Ning better for all of us.

  • What, if any, are the issues for a community reverting back to the  URL and not using a custom URL? 

    Can someone let me know. Will there be broken links, members who can't access certain pages etc ....?

    • Hi David,

      There shouldn't be any issues with the links which are generated by Ning. However, if you have hard coded several links there could be an issue with them if the custom domain name is mentioned there. Under hard coded, I have meant the links that you have entered yourself for example somewhere in the comments, in blog posts, custom code etc.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Hi kyryl. I am just wanting to know if this is at the very top of priority for Ning for the ones who are using their own domain names? This is definitely not good for business for my up and coming site or for your company when you have new customers wanting to use their own domain name and they can't get SSL certification. So are we a serious priority? Just need to know for my future decision making. Thank you Kyryl
    • Hi Jennifer,

      Yes, the implementation of the SSL has one of the highest priorities at the moment. Unfortunately, it also requires some changes on the server part that should be made before it would be possible to implement your own SSL certificate on our platform.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Can I get the SSL certificate or whatever we need for HTTPS through our registrar and not have to wait until Ning gets it done? I don't mind paying for it if that option is available.



    • Hi Steve,

      It would be necessary to purchase SSL for your custom domain anyway, unfortunately, it requires installation on our end so even if you purchase SSL right now it won't be working without installation to our server. Basically, till the procedure of the installation isn't created completely there is no way around to have https for a custom domain.

      Apologies for any inconveniences.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

  • Do you have any plans to add an SSL certificate to  Anyone who uses javascript files hosted on an external server without an SSL certificate is going to have Mixed Content errors on their site.  If they could move their js files to Ning servers, it would save them the cost of obtaining an SSL certificate from their hosting company.  GoDaddy, for example, charges $60 a year and up for SSL Certificates.  Thanks in advance for any information you can provide on this!
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