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September 30

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I am a pracademic of conflict resolution, having worked in the field for almost two decades in the US and abroad. I am the Associate Director of the Conflict Resolution MA program at Georgetown University. In addition to teaching, I also consult regularly in terms of doing training, applied research, etc. One of the core areas over the past decade I have focused on is the role of technology and social change. Previous to finding Ning (which I love), I have developed several customized sites on careers in social change and peacebuilding. Three years ago I started the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, which is focused on bringing together professionals, students, and academics from around the world to dialogue, share resources and foster collaboration in the fields of peacebuilding, development, social entrepreneurship, international relations and social change. The site has almost 13,000 members and is attracting about 250,000 hits per month and is filling a crucial gap in the field.

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