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Chicago, IL


November 27

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I'm the co-creator, co-owner, and head of business development for 20 Something Bloggers ( I also started a few smaller networks for various purposes, but 20SB is 95% of my time.

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  • NC for Hire
    I've seen you around around here before contributing to discussions. Happy Birthday!
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  • Yup, that did it. I had the widget pasted into Blogger before and that had changed it. I went back and got the code directly from GetSatisfaction and that worked. Thanks!
  • Hi DSHAN, thanks for that post about community guidelines. I'm working on developing my own right now. I went to your site and think the concept is great; noticed the Feedback Tab. I tried to integrate GetSatisfaction myself but was unsuccessful. How did you do it?


  • Hey Derek!

    There's not a way for users to delete photos from our servers. You can delete them from your network, and they won't appear anywhere. However, they will still be available at that URL. Additionally, they shouldn't be found in Google search results either.

    This is pretty standard functionality these days. Here's a photo I already deleted from Facebook:

    If this is still an issue for you, feel free to follow up with the Help Center if you an issue with this policy. They can probably provide more details on why this behaves this way.
  • Whoops, meant to say:

    .xg_widget_profiles .xg_module_activity {display:none !important;}
  • Hey Dshan!

    I just checked, and this does work. The problem might be that members have customized their layouts, so their using their own CSS now. What you can try is going to your Manage-Analytics box and adding:

    If you do that it will load on all pages, no matter what.

    Ning Product Manager
  • Great! I didn't hear back so I just wanted to make sure you received it.

    Ning Product Manager
  • Hey Dshan!

    I followed up with you directly via the Help Center a few weeks ago, after your post on Get Satisfaction. Did you receive my response?

  • thanks for the add, too bad I'm 38, LOL.

    I have seen your site before though, a few months ago, because one of the filipina-american bloggers I follow has your network badge on her site. Of course, when i recognized it was NING in origin, I clicked it immediately.
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